Look Inside an Amish Furniture Shop (Video)

So here’s a neat video from someone who calls his YouTube channel the “Crazy Russian Woodshop”.

But do not fear, this Russian does not seem too crazy — just really into woodworking.

So the Crazy Russian was visiting PA, and dropped in on an Amish furniture shop.

I like this video because he shows you the operation from top-to-bottom–starting with how they get their power, down through to the little retail store on site.


Sometimes people imagine that Amish furniture makers are using only primitive tools like quaint wooden mallets and elbow-grease handsaws.

As you see that’s not really the case, the tools are just powered using non-electric sources (though some shops are plainer than others).

And as Michael (the Crazy Russian’s real name) tells us, the unattended retail shop operates on a classic Amish formula — browse around, find something you like, then go find somebody to sell it to you.

You’ll also get a peek into the family garage. Michael is a bit surprised by what he finds there. But if you’ve been reading this site for awhile, you probably won’t be.

Check the video out here. What do you notice?

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    1. Debbie H

      Crazy Russian

      Thanks Crazy Russian for the video tour. The ingenuity of the Amish amazes me.

    2. Al in Ky

      Very interesting. I had never seen pneumatic tools in operation. And yes, I wasn’t surprised at how fancy the buggy in the garage seems to be. If this was the Russian man’s first experience with the Amish, it may be very interesting (and surprising) for him to visit a plainer Amish (such as Swartzentruber) wordworker’s furniture shop to observe the tools they use to make furniture and how much plainer their buggies area. I’m not sure if the Swartzentruber Amish use pneumatic tools or what other type they use.

    3. DJ

      Country Store and Mini Horse Farm

      This video to my surprise is actually “The Li’l Country Store & Miniature Horse Farm” in Ronks PA. Located about 5 min from Strasburg, PA. I was there about a week ago, they sell furniture and quilts plus they have a petting area with about 10 mini horses. They were very nice people and even have a website. Very modern Amish that have adapted to English tourist.