I must say Pennsylvania Dutch tickles my ears.  Listening to the language is like hearing two tongues spliced together–one I understand, one I most surely do not. You’ll catch a good bit of that even in the first five minutes of this video tour of Schrock’s of Walnut Creek. Numerous English words trickle out from amongst the Deitsch as Schrock’s Marvin Miller takes you through the company. Marvin shows off the company’s clocks and other handiwork. He also “demonstrates” some of the furniture, including a technologically-enhanced closet and countertop.  You also see the production area of the company with numerous Amish employees hard at work.

The video comes from reader Virgil’s site which, as it says, is “Alles in pennsylvania deitsch.” Thanks go to Linda for bringing it to my attention.

learn-pa-dutch-languageInterested in the language of the Amish? You can learn to speak it! We are developing a fun & effective PA Dutch audio learning program. Sign up below and we’ll let you know when it’s ready.

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