The large organized searches for Linda Stoltzfoos have been stopped at this time according to the Facebook page dedicated to Linda’s search (“postponed until farther [sic] notice from authorities to resume directed searches in specific areas”). The latest significant news came from last Thursday’s press conference, in which new photos of Smoker’s car were released, and state police asked for surveillance footage and information from residents of five Lancaster County townships.

Prayer and regular gatherings for Linda continue. Linda’s family has asked for prayers and letters of support. If you’d like to send something to the Stoltzfoos family, here is the address:

Stoltzfoos Family
P.O. Box 121
Intercourse PA, 17534-0121

This is video of a recent singing/prayer gathering for Linda. A man in Amish clothing leads a prayer, though it is not an Amish-style prayer (he likely belongs to a different local church). The first song is “Come Bless The Lord.”

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