Linda Stoltzfoos’ Family Asks For Prayers & Letters

The large organized searches for Linda Stoltzfoos have been stopped at this time according to the Facebook page dedicated to Linda’s search (“postponed until farther [sic] notice from authorities to resume directed searches in specific areas”). The latest significant news came from last Thursday’s press conference, in which new photos of Smoker’s car were released, and state police asked for surveillance footage and information from residents of five Lancaster County townships.

Prayer and regular gatherings for Linda continue. Linda’s family has asked for prayers and letters of support. If you’d like to send something to the Stoltzfoos family, here is the address:

Stoltzfoos Family
P.O. Box 121
Intercourse PA, 17534-0121

This is video of a recent singing/prayer gathering for Linda. A man in Amish clothing leads a prayer, though it is not an Amish-style prayer (he likely belongs to a different local church). The first song is “Come Bless The Lord.”

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    1. Michael Ford

      Sorry for your lose and RIP Linda

      So sorry for your lose, God bless your family!

      1. Lisa R

        She has not been found yet

        She might still be alive, dont squash the family’s hope and faith please.

        1. George

          Leave a reply to Linda Stotzfoos family

          We should never give up hope. God tests our faith on a daily basis. Faith is the evidence of things not seen. Instead of giving up, let us pray for Linda instead!

      2. Sheryl Dumond

        My heart aches for the family,I lost my daughter 10 years ago at least we still have hope and prayers of her safe return.AMEN

    2. Marieta Pienaar

      Prayers from South Africa

      Dear Christian Family in America
      I am joining you in prayer for what must be a very difficult time for your family. I pray that God will bless you with His peace that surpasses all understanding and that He will enable you to stand strong in your faith. I pray that He will reveal the truth to you in His perfect timing and that He will carry you through this difficult time.
      God bless!

    3. Family og Linda Stoltzfoos

      We are so sorry to hear about Linda. We pray that you find
      her alive. I pray in Gods name for ll things are possible
      in his name. Amen.

    4. John

      Sending out love and prayers for Lindas safe return… Whereever she is we just know God is beside her… God Bless your family…

    5. RoderickShirley Palmer

      Keep PRAY !

      We family are keep pray for Linda Stoltzfoo’s family/friends&Linda,too!

      God are with you all ! O:)

    6. Anna

      Continued prayers

      I’m so sorry this has happened. I will continue praying for Linda’s safe return and that God surrounds you with love and support

      1. Lynn

        Amen. Praying in Jesus name.

    7. Clem Holyeagle and his sick comment on this thread removed and banned. Clem seek help.

    8. michelle

      Prayers for Linda

      It is with sadness that her search is presently called off. I am not sure, but it is looking like law enforcement do not have hope of her being found, either alive and wounded or deceased at the hands of the horrible person who stole away her innocence. At any rate, her family and friends have faith and forgiveness in them to carry on. I sure wish I felt the same on the forgiveness part. Faith will prevail in her community. Linda where ever you ended up we are all thinking of you.

    9. June

      Prayers for Linda and family

      My heart breaks for her family. A parents nightmare yet so much more horrible for a people who simply choose to live for God. Our Lord will not let you suffer without His provisions of Love and Mercy. It is Gods will to put us thru the fire for His refinement. We are Always in His hands as He refashions us. I know we cannot always choose how we will come thru this but God ask us to Trust Him in All things. I know so much easier said than done. So my prayers to the Father for comfort to the family. Hope and protection to Linda . One cannot give up faith in God -till He provides the answers. And even when answers aren’t forth coming in our timeframe. God Be with you all today.

    10. Cathy

      Prayers and thoughts for Linda's family

      So sorry this has happened. Keep holding on to your faith in God for His mercy will get you through this very difficult time. Only He can bring you strength and resolution to the situation in his own timing. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Please hold on to the hope that she will come home.

    11. Gott ist nahe allen denen die ihn anrufen, alle die ihn mit Ernst anrufen, er thut was die Gottesfürchtigen begehren und hilf ihnen ihre Last tragen. Es ist Eltern schwer Kinder durch den natürlichen tod ins Grab nach sehen, wie schwer wenn sie solches müssen erleben. Der Herr stärke euch, liebe Leut. Unsere Gedanken sein mit euch

    12. debbie donnelly


      More things are wrought thru prayer than this world dreams of,is true more so today than ever.
      We need to pray in hope & faith for this precious girl & her family.
      Be still & know I am God,lets stand on His promises.
      I am praying & believing,praying for wisdom for everyone searching,prayer is the only answer.I know God hears our prayers.May your hearts to be comforted.

    13. Janice

      To all concerned

      Believe that what the Great Physician says is good advice. “Put away anger”

      Believe that you are forgiven, and that being forgiven by an infinitely holy God is an awesome thing.

      Believe that vengeance belongs to God, that he will repay those who do wrong.

      Believe that God’s purpose in all our trials is to turn the cause of our anger to our good. He loves us.

      Bless all concerned.

    14. Elisheva

      A Mother’s Lament

      I had commented when this thread opened and compared any family whose child has gone missing with that of The Holy Family when the young Jesus went missing but later found in the temple (“…my Father’s house” as he told his worried mother and father Joseph) yet my comment is gone from the thread. I did not mean to offend anyone with my comment but rather presented it sincerely and with much empathy as I lost a child 33 years ago. Linda and her family are always in my morning, daily and evening prayers for her safe return.

      1. Elisheva I checked and I’m not sure what happened there – I certainly didn’t remove it, and I checked and it didn’t accidentally go into spam. Did you actually see it published on this thread? Is it possible to try to re-post it? Sorry for the difficulty.

    15. Diann Courtney

      I am sorry Linda hasn’t been found. I’ll continue to pray for her safe return

    16. Kathy Flanagan


      May the Good Lord be by your side as you wait for the answers that you want. The Lord is watching over everyone and especially Linda.

    17. Robin Burgess

      Keep Praying

      We have been praying for Linda, her family, and community, since news of her disappearance first came out. God knows where she is and she is always with Him. Will continue to pray for everyone affected by this distressing situation, and for wisdom and knowledge for the authorities seeking for her.

    18. Linda

      May the Lord bless you and keep and be gracious unto you and give you His peace. Know that He walks with Linda and all of her family. Prayer works and so many of us are praying. God bless.

    19. I pray daily for the safe return of Linda. I lost my only daughter 6 years ago. I can relate to some of what you are going through. I so badly want her to return home. I am staying positive for you all.

    20. Beverly

      Linda's safe return


      I feel the need to add my perspective on Linda’s disappearance

      First let me say..I am not trying to be a “Negative Nancy” so to speak..
      Nor,am I not without faith and hope nor without a spiritual/religious relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.
      I am a Catholic and praying..especially with a holy rosary is what we do to the upmost!

      I am also a realist!

      If the FBI arrested “Smoker” with Linda’s kidnapping..I am pretty sure
      the evidence they collected belonging to her..namely unearthing her brassier and stockings,they pretty much have the person in custody who is responsible for her disappearance! All the prayers that are being prayed for her “safe return” etc all boil down to Smoker fessing up
      And revealing to the authorities of what he did with her! He is the key in this case. My state (of Washington) recently had a 18 year old female who had been missing for a total of 9 days..her car was found abandon along side a rural highway. Her purse was left inside..Our prayers were answered, on the last final day of search when she was discovered “alive” down a ravine and rescued.
      In Linda’s case, let’s “Pray” that the main suspect cop’s to her whereabouts and what he is suspected of doing to her!! My heart breaks for all those concerned.

    21. Aletta K Hutchins

      Linda Stoltzfoos' Family

      I have kept up with this story and my heart and prayers go out to Linda and her family. I pray also that she is found safely soon. I live in a small town in southwest Mo., and I have several Amish and Mennonite friends.