Linda Stoltzfoos’ Body Positively Identified (Updated)

Linda Stoltzfoos’ body was positively identified by the Lancaster County coroner, who performed an autopsy Friday. This puts an official confirmation on what had already been suspected, and strongly suggested in a Thursday press conference by Lancaster County DA Heather Adams.

A brief report is here. It includes details on the nature of death, which I’ll leave out for anyone that wants to avoid that. This killing was brutal and cruel.

Leaving aside what comes next for the man accused of the crime, what else can be said now but to wish for some peace and healing for the family.

Update: Linda was laid to rest Monday.

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    1. Sunflower


      Praying for the Lord to send peace and comfort for her family and friends. And judgement to the accused.

    2. Safety guidance

      Designing “ Late Bloomer Dojo ” for our community to become safer. Encouraging my Amish family to prepare for safety courses within the our communities around the world. Actions will be required to communicate with our government officials to clear neighboring citizens of irrational behavior that is currently in our sectors. Joining communities will have benefits of creating the steps to prevent criminality globally. Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity.

      I am traveling to all neighborhoods with my government agents to create a safer community for all world.

      Thank you Amish America. Safe travels.