Jury Selection Scheduled For Man Accused In Rebekah Byler Murder

As noted in the latest update, the trial of Shawn C. Cranston will take place this coming November. The Corry, PA resident is accused of killing Amish woman Rebekah Byler, 23, and her unborn baby.

A bit more news has come out after Cranston appeared at a pre-trial proceeding Monday. Jury selection has been scheduled for November 12. Other details from the report at yourerie.com:

During Monday’s pre-trial proceeding, which was under the supervision of Judge Francis J. Schultz, both the prosecution and defense acknowledged the extensive digital evidence, including substantial video footage in the case, that will be watched by jurors during the trial.

Along with physical evidence from the scene of the crime, the prosecution will show video from three surveillance cameras in Corry and Spartansburg, as well as present GPS evidence from Cranston’s phone and the red Jeep Patriot he was using on the day of the murder.

District Attorney Paula C. Digiacomo, and Louis W. Emmi, Cranston’s attorney, agree that the trial will likely take five to seven days.

Cranston’s trial was postponed from June to the November term due to a request by the defense to have more time to review the “large amounts” of evidence provided by the prosecution.

Four months have passed since Rebekah Byler was brutally murdered at her home in northwest Pennsylvania. Rebekah left behind husband Andy, a three-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter, among other family.

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    1. Guy in Ohio

      I hope this family gets the justice that they deserve!