Lehman’s is a unique institution serving the Holmes County, Ohio Amish settlement and its surroundings.

Technically located in Wayne County (in the village of Kidron),  Lehman’s, called the “largest low-tech superstore in America” has been serving the needs of the Plain community for over 50 years, providing non-electric appliances and traditional household amenities.  Lehman’s appeal has spread to the non-Plain market as well.

Lehman’s line has certainly expanded over the years, and they carry a large variety of interesting goods.  For example, you can find a 48-hour beeswax candle or a tool that transforms old newspapers into plantable “pots” for flowers and plants.

Lehman’s president, Galen Lehman, also writes an interesting blog called Country Life (he’s one of a number of contributors).  Galen did a revealing series of in-the-field posts on Amish business called “Secrets of Success” a little while back.

Vice president of marketing Glenda Ervin Lehman (Galen’s sister) will be appearing on Suzanne Woods Fisher’s radio program Amish Wisdom today at 5pm EST.  The topic is on how Amish live “off the grid”.  Ought to be worth a listen.

And, anyone had a chance to visit Lehman’s?


Amish-made cheese

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