Amish are well-known for their produce, which they sell at stands and auctions.  Produce season is in full swing, with lots of tasty garden treats to be had.  You can usually find some great buys for relatively little money.

amish produce

Amish produce: look for the hand-lettered sign

On my recent trip I bought a lot of fruits and veggies from Amish produce stands (to counter the caffeine and other unhealthy stuff I inevitably consume when spending long periods of time in the car).

amish produce blackberries

Blackberries from an Ohio Amish produce stand

My produce haul over two weeks included masses of tomatoes, peppers, blackberries, a canteloupe and watermelon, peaches, green beans, and so on.

amish produce stand

Amish produce stand, Michigan

Produce stands are more common in some Amish communities than in others.  A produce stand is a great way for a family to raise a little extra income.  It also gives the children something to do.

amish produce tomatoes

Weigh-your-own produce at an Amish stand in Indiana

What do you buy from Amish produce stands?  Do you have a favorite?


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