Lancaster County: Bilingual signage


A few road signs in Lancaster County come in English and Pennsylvania German.

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    1. Oh, very cool. I think you wrote a while ago that the Amish pay taxes? So the city/town put up that sign?

    2. actually, no idea. I remember reading of a plan to put up signs in dutch in Lancaster county, but have only seen this and another so far. It was actually in an area that has a lot more old order mennonites than Amish.

    3. Roni

      I know where that road is. I believe it is in Farmersville (Floyd Landis’s home town) near the Brethern Heritage Center. I was in that area last month. -Roni

    4. Natalya (talj)

      Great shot, I love that the signs are in both languages 🙂

    5. You’re right in the neighborhood Roni. Lot of Old Order Mennonites in that area, saw a Floyd Landis Hometown Hero banner up on one of the sheds as I drove through the other day.

    6. Rose

      Very nice photo. I am very familiar with this sign, as I pass it on my way to the Home Messenger Library.

    7. Rose I’ve wondered why there are only a few bilingual signs like it (at least that I’ve seen in the county)–‘Schule Weeg’ being one of the few others. Any idea?

    8. Lisa Brown

      I’m still chuckling over the English translation. Cat’s Back. How original!

    9. Yes, I’ve always enjoyed that name too. There are a lot of other good ones out there 🙂