Lancaster Amish Weddings By Month

Lancaster Online reached out to Steven Nolt of the Young Center at Elizabethtown College on when Amish weddings take place in Lancaster County and related settlements. He provided some data based on the Amish publication Lancaster Gemeinde Brief, which is a church newsletter.

Autumn and specifically November is traditionally the most common time for Amish weddings in Lancaster County and related settlements. Here are Amish weddings by month (out of a total of 440 weddings). Over 70% take place in November, with December and October the next two most popular months:

— January: 4
— February: 14
— March: 22
— April: 1
— May: 6
— June: 0
— July: 0
— August: 1
— September: 4
— October: 35
— November: 314
— December: 39

Also, the vast majority of weddings take place on Tuesday and Thursday. One reason is that these days provide a day before for preparation, and a day after for cleanup. A Monday or Saturday wedding would not be feasible due to the prep or cleanup day falling on Sunday, a day when the Amish do not do non-essential work.

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