Sunday driving?

Just got back from my leisurely Sunday walk through downtown historic Strasburg, the borough where I’m living this summer.  Amish buggies go past my window on a regular basis;  horse manure lines the streets of stone and brick homes, many of which date from the 1700’s and 1800’s.

One of the buggies rolling down main street today was a bit different though–from far off, it looked like any other gray-topped Lancaster vehicle;  as it drew nearer, there was no missing the rock music pumping out of the on-board stereo, bass speakers kicking hard in the back.

For some young Amish, Sundays after church is cruising time, and the two lads inside were taking full advantage of their chance to ‘run around’ a bit.

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    1. Dave Carrig

      Hi AA –

      I am an avid runner – and to keep it interesting I try to hit various places and keep a pretty extensive log of regular routes that I run. I have mapped out a few routes in Lancaster county – with detailed information – down to the inclines and the farms and farm animals you can see along the way. I have three really good routes that I would love to share with you – for your sight if you’d like. My peronal favorite is one I call “Heaven on Wheels – Hell on foot.” A killer 10 mile route with some nasty hills through beautiful Amish farm country.

      I usually run out in Lancaster in the late fall – when the tourists have gone and it hasn’t gotten too cold yet.

      Oh, btw – go ‘Heels – go ‘Noles – go ACC baby! (except for Duke)…

    2. Hi Erik,

      I see you are very happy this months in Amish land. Congratulations for your experience. Related to this post, I remember my days when I was in the Bolivian Mennonite Colonies last year. A Saturday night I didn’t find place to sleep and finally I slept in the roof of a small construction next to the church (a safe place though in Bolivia there are lots of dangerous animals everywhere). At midnight or so, I heard shouts far away. The sound was clearly indicating that the source was approaching. A few seconds later I heard also the sound of the horse’s hoofs beating the earth and the wheels of a buggy creaking in the way. It was completely dark an the only light available was the one coming from the Milky Way. But suddenly lights from torches became clearly visible. When they became close to my place I realized they were a group of young Mennonites having fun in the night. They passed a few meters next to me, shouting and screaming with laughter like crazy people, making noise and moving the torches in every direction. A few minutes later they went back the same way and continued for a while. It was very funny and interesting to see the way they have fun.

    3. Places to run or jog in Amish Lancaster County

      hey Dave, thanks for the idea on the run! I enjoy running a lot but probably won’t have time for one of those til I’m finished with work…I do a very short jog out of strasburg each morning to wake myself up though. I might have to check it out at the end of my time here and will let you know, thanks again on that!

      and Jordi–great to hear from you! very interesting story, by looking at your great photos and hearing you talk about your time in S. America I am a bit jealous of the great adventures you’ve had. Did you ever get to Poland/still planning?

    4. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote ‘We do not live an equal life, but one of contrasts and patchwork.’ I think this is what makes the Amish life so interesting, its not just about purity and old ways but living old in a new way.

    5. That’s an interesting way to put it, Mark.

    6. Joan bolen


      My family and I have been vacationing in strasburg for 25 years. We absolutely love it there. We stay at beaver creek farm cabins. The best place to stay on vacation. The owners are absolutely wonderful.