Inside a Colorado Amish Furniture Store (Video)

I made this video showing the inside of Yoder’s Home Furnishings in Westcliffe, Colorado. You can also see a lot of amazing views of the area. Overall my visit to Colorado was a great trip and I was able to get around to four of the six Amish communities in the Centennial State. Visiting four communities out there is a bit more of a challenge than visiting the same number in, say, Kentucky or Pennsylvania.

There were three younger guys in the store when we arrived. The store owner’s son was one of them and he said it was fine to film inside. He and one of the other guys spoke with me a bit about the store. They weren’t especially talkative but I was able to get a feel for this nice store. And imagine every time you walk out the front door of your workplace you see the magnificent Sangre de Cristo mountain range in front of you. I can understand why Amish were drawn to live out in these more remote places when they are treated to views like these everyday.

Besides the Westcliffe community, I also visited the nearby Hillside settlement, and then two communities in the San Luis Valley – Monte Vista and La Jara (about 2.5 hours away). I visited several stores there and – I mentioned this in another post – even dropped in on a friend of Benny Ray and Mary Ann King, the couple who own King’s Kountry Store in Halifax County, VA. They were surprised; the Kings had given me their names and they were easy enough to find. We had a nice visit. Maybe more on that in another post. Runtime: 4:11.


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    1. Deborah

      Parasite clense

      I’m looking for a parasite clense from within the Amish community located as close to California, although it really doesn’t matter so long as I can get some. Please let me know of where to get it. Thank you