Yes, these are Amish fellas in the photos.  And no, definitely not something you see every day:

amish dunk tank

These were taken at the PA Dutch festival held each summer at Reading Terminal Market in downtown Philadelphia.  The event features a petting zoo, buggy rides, parade, country and bluegrass bands, and of course food.

contestant amish dunk tank

The dunk tank is for a good cause.  A Lancaster friend who knows the event explains that “It is a great fund-raiser.  You pay so much for so many balls, hit the target and splash.  The better of a heckler the guy on the dunk seat, the more money people spend on balls to dunk the sucker.”

amishman getting dunked

Sample heckle?  “You couldn’t hit the side of a barn even if you were standing inside the barn.”  One more?  “You can’t throw, too many of your uncles and aunts got married to each other!”

(Try to tell me Amish don’t have a sense of humor after that one).

soaked amishman dunk tank

Here’s another dunkee, who didn’t mind shedding his Plain attire for something more water-worthy:

pa dutch festival dunk tank

The 22nd edition of the festival will be held this August 11-13.  If you’ve ever felt the need to dunk an Amishman, this is your chance!

Photo credit: Melody Joy Kramer


Amish-made cheese

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