Inside A Missouri Amish Home For Sale (16 Photos)

The addresss for this latest home is Curryville, but the community is better known as the Bowling Green settlement (Pike County, MO). We’ve got a three-church-district community that is the Show Me State’s oldest, having been first settled back in 1947 by Swiss Amish from Indiana. I first began hearing about this settlement around a decade ago when a reader sent in photos for a couple of guest posts.

From the Zillow listing:

Beautiful Amish home located in Pike County. Built in 2017 this home offers wood floors, living room, kitchen, pantry, 2 bedrooms, sewing room or 3rd bedroom, washroom, & mud room. Upstairs is roughed in with plenty of options. Full walkout basement. Sit and enjoy the covered deck and covered porch. Home sits on 3 acres with orchard, large garden, established blackberries, grapes and strawberries. Property is fenced for livestock. No restrictions!

Here’s the front porch view:

And the back porch above the door to the basement. No railing means a nice unimpeded view but also watch your step. I can imagine that any English buyer will probably add one here.

Let’s have a look inside. Someone’s got a quilt going. Also note the woman’s kapp (head covering) laid out on a cylindrical item to help keep its shape.

In the kitchen we are informed this is “Mom’s Kitchen” in case that was in doubt. Some nice details in this photo. Very neat and clean.

And the eating area with a long bench which is basically the same style as an Amish church bench.

A glance in the pantry.

We have here a classic hickory rocker but also some upholstered gliders and ottomans. So it’s not as plain as some Amish homes, even though this home lacks a bathroom.

Bedrooms. Nice-looking four poster bed. They look nice but I’m not a fan of these sorts of beds (or any bed with any sort of endpiece, really). Too short:

More beds are found in a couple of places you might not expect. First, the attic. Note the oil lamps and what looks like another crib:

And down in the basement, which is probably a cooler setup for the summertime. Baby crib down there too, and what looks like a propane or natural gas tank light. Some Amish live in their basements, more or less, in the hot months. I’ve slept in them before, but usually due to lack of space in the bedrooms. Thankfully in those cases for just a short while because my setup has never been as comfortable-looking as this one:

Checking out the other corners of the basement. Note all the cooking utensils hung on the wall for the second food prep area down here.

Where the washing gets done.

This 1,800-square-foot home on a three-acre lot is currently on the market. The price?

It’s available for $169,900. Here’s the agent info:

Dusty Thornhill
Thornhill Real Estate & Auction

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    1. J.O.B.

      Very nice. Just add a railing on the back deck/porch and a indoor bathroom and you will have an easy sale.

    2. Beth Russo

      Bowling Green Home

      Hi Erik! We now live about a half-hour from Bowling Green (MO) and visit there often. When we were there a few weeks ago, one of our Amish friends said many are moving to start a new settlement, more towards southern Missouri (I can’t remember the name), so there are more houses for sale, too. I jokingly said, “Uh oh, sounds like there was a fight,” and she laughed and said, “Oh no…well, yes.” We were going to stop by another friend’s house up there (one that she said was moving) and she said, “Try and get some information from him,” and laughed. He wasn’t home, so I’m clueless about all the details, but I know it’s a shame when communities break up like that.