Beth Russo has kindly shared 10 photos of the Amish settlement at Bowling Green, Missouri (Pike County).  Beth recently made a trip during which she visited an Amish woodworking shop and a beekeeper.  You can find more of her photos on her Facebook page.

Bowling Green is the oldest Amish settlement in Missouri, founded in 1947.  There are a total of 3 church districts and an Amish population of around 400.

missouri amish manure spreaderAn Amish boy cleaning off a manure spreader.  While you won’t see too many manure spreading scenes on the covers of Amish fiction novels, it’s a necessary winter-spring task.

amish draft horses
The horsepower.  Looks like these guys are due for a bath too.

missouri amish schoolShady Creek School in Pike County.  Amish typically give schools nature-themed names or ones reflecting geographical features.  Other examples include Echo Ridge (Bloomfield, Iowa Amish), Spring Brook (Wayne County, Ohio), and Cotton School (on Cotton Road in the New Wilmington, PA Amish settlement).

A school name might also reflect ownership of the land.  Millerview School at the Kokomo, Indiana Amish settlement was named for the farmer on whose land it was built in the 1960s (see Nappanee Amish Directory 2001).

shady creek amish school missouri

Shady Creek School’s woodshed is visible on the left.  A wood-burning stove keeps the classroom warm in winter months.

amish woodworking shop missouriInside the Eicher family’s J&D woodworking shop.

missouri amish vehiclesAn assortment of Amish vehicles.  Beth was told that buggy tops are optional at Bowling Green.

The Bowling Green community was originally founded by transplants from a Swiss Amish community in Indiana.  Open carriages are typical of Swiss communities (read more on Swiss Amish and their customs).

missouri amish cemetery
An Amish cemetery.  Like schools, cemeteries are typically located on a plot of land carved off of an Amish farm.

Cemeteries are often Amish-only, but in some cases, such as in Lancaster County, Amish and Mennonites may be buried together.

amish home renovationRenovation at an Amish home in Pike County, MO.

amish laundry icehouseLaundry lines strung up in front of an icehouse.

missouri amish child

Bowling Green is just one of around 3 dozen Missouri Amish communities.

Read more on Missouri Amish settlements, including the large communities at Seymour (Webster County), Jamesport (Daviess County), and Clark (Randolph County). Or view a directory of Amish woodworking in the Show Me State: Amish Furniture-Missouri.

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