If you caught part 1 on Enos Gingerich’s furniture shop last week, here is the promised part 2 video, where Enos shows us his tools, his power setup and how he makes furniture.

This is about the plainest community you’ll find, and some of the solutions Enos uses wouldn’t be used by “higher” (more progressive) Amish, who would opt for more efficient ways to build furniture, as permitted by their church’s Ordnung. But that doesn’t stop Enos from running a viable business and supporting his family as an outdoor furniture maker.

In the video you’ll see:

  • Enos’ nifty ratchet screwdriver
  • The line shaft-and-pulley setup, which is used to power most of the equipment in his shop
  • The patterns he uses to make parts for his patio furniture
  • The jig he uses for assembly
  • The diesel engine which drives the line shaft, its fuel source and how he handles sawdust

In the video you’ll hear me mention “hydraulic” and “air” as alternative power sources (basically, standard power tools are retrofitted to operate on hydraulic or pneumatic power). These are used by more progressive Amish, but Swartzentruber Amish don’t permit those kinds of public-power alternatives. However, they have settled on permitting diesel engines which power the shaft-and-pulley setup.

Once again, we have a good time with Enos and get some laughs in. He had an order to fill that evening and so we couldn’t stay forever. But Enos kindly took the time to show us around the place, and give an idea of how he gets things done as a member of a tradition-minded Amish church. Here are the details for Enos’ shop if you’re in the market for some outdoor furniture (or soaps & lotions from his wife’s shop). No phone available, so you either have to stop by, or try snail mail:

Patio & Lawn Furniture
Enos J.K. Gingerich
2874 Hollis Road
Ellenboro, NC 28040
No Phone available

Runtime: 8:57.

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