Michigan Mary, who commented earlier on the Ohio Amish shooting, has shared some photos taken in Holmes County last week.

In my neck of the woods we just hit winter–both technically and meteorologically speaking, with the season’s first snowfall yesterday.   Looks like they’ve had a bit of the same lately in Ohio.

snowy field amish ohio

amish school winter

amish buggies winter ohio

amish exotic animals ohio

Exotic animal farm. There are a couple of these in Holmes County–the Rolling Ridge Ranch, and the Farm at Walnut Creek.  They take you through on a wagon drawn by draft horses, or at least they did when I was last by.

amish sawmill ohio

damaged amish buggy
About this photo Mary adds:

the remains of a buggy that was in an accident with a car. It has been sitting in front of Miller’s Buggy Shop since at least mid-November; when I first saw it…. it’s still there and I hope it stays for awhile so that auto-drivers will understand what it means to hit a buggy. It turns my stomach every time I see it – it’s burned into my brain forever….

amish ohio winter farm

amish goats ohio

amish farmhouse winter

A Swartzentruber Amish farm.

ohio amish snow field
A big thanks to Mary for sharing the photos with us.

Read more on the Holmes County Amish.


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