Interesting bit on the East Holmes school district, from the Wooster Daily Record (see:

What makes the East Holmes District unique is its two-thirds Amish population at each grade level, Treasurer Marsha Clark said.

Because the Amish constituency prefers to keep its children closer to home, “we have more buildings, and we have smaller elementary schools,” Clark said.

East Holmes incurs extra expenses in operating each of the buildings, as well as in maintaining a student/teacher ratio of 15:1, she said, “which is really, really low.”

However, the low ratio is extremely helpful because, historically, “a lot of students come in with English as a second language,” Clark said, although, she clarified, “more and more are coming to school more fluent (in English).”

While most Amish children attend Amish schools, in certain settlements, such as Holmes County, Amish children make up a significant segment of pupils in local public schools.

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