Just revisiting a story from the early days of the Covid pandemic. One of the positive stories out of that period was about the efforts in Plain communities to produce masks and other PPE for first responders and the general public.

We saw examples of this in communities including Lancaster County, New Wilmington, PA, and northern Indiana. In this story by WKYC, John Miller of Sugarcreek’s Superb Industries reports on the operation in the Holmes County settlement.

He states that over three months, they had over 1,200 people sewing, and produced “several million masks and gowns.”  These were for the Cleveland Clinic, the state of Ohio, and ultimately were shipped to 18 states.

It’s a nice follow-up and summary of this local business-driven, Amish seamstress-powered effort in response to a public health need. This video also has some excellent footage of the community, both taken from drone view and conventionally filmed.

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