Head-Scratching Business Signs, Lancaster County

Reader Ed took these photos a couple of days ago in Lancaster County.  Let’s just say both these signs would have me doing a double-take.

First, Hershey Farm Restaurant & Motor Inn.  “Is this the New Amish cuisine?” asks Ed.

Grilled Rachel

Yesterday, I got a follow-up email: “The Hershey Farm sign has been changed; the last line now reads “Elvis Burger”. Somehow I don’t find that reassuring, either…I can’t help but wonder what poor Rachel did, though, to deserve being grilled.”

On to number two.  I’m guessing this one is just unfortunate placement.

Driving Essentials

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    1. City Slicker

      Here's your sign...

      Erik, you’re probably correct about unfortunate placement concerning that second sign.

      As to the first, it depends on the definition of “grilled”.

      We can’t know how — or even if — Rachel might have transgressed that she merited such an extreme punishment.

      However, if she was grilled for information about the Amish, all the inquisitors need have done was subscribe to “Amish America” to get almost all their answers!

      1. City Slicker in the lead for comment of the day 😉

        1. Kelly Narumi

          City Slicker

          Yeah, I’d say! I was just gonna ask if there was a way to “like” comments on here, but this isn’t Facebook! 🙂

    2. Slightly-Handled-Order-Man

      Signs, signs, everywhere a sign...

      Well, at the second location, at least they provide customers with options, they don’t necessarily have to buy beer to go with their ice, they can have a nice soda, that would appeal to the tea totters among the Amish and English alike.

      As for Rachel, I’d rather she be grilled than face the Ban outright..

      1. Here are the website and FB page for Driving Essentials, which is located in New Holland…I’ve never been to this business, looks like the deal in the more fancy end of the carriage market:



        I’d imagine they get their fair share of comments from customers on the signs.

    3. Andrea green

      Love the first sign, but poor Rachel what she done wrong !! But the second sign, i must be to slow? I don’t get !!! But i like it anyway Ed. 🙂

    4. Randy Adams

      Rachel Grilling

      Sounds like Rachael is in trouble with the local Bishop. (Maybe she appeared on one of those Amish Reality TV programs?)

    5. Terry Berger

      Just some thoughts

      Thinking about the first sign, a grilled Rachel is a Reuben sandwich that is made with turkey and cole slaw or sauerkraut instead of pastrami and sauerkraut. They are quite tasty. In terms of the second sign, as they say, “It’s five o’clock somewhere,” even if it’s in New Holland…..!!


      1. City Slicker

        "Rachel" sandwich

        Turkey instead of pastrami?!?!?

        Each to their own tastes, but that’s just plain blasphemy!

      2. Reuben & Rachel

        After seeing this photo I did a little Googling and found there is such a thing as a Grilled Rachel sandwich. I’d assume Rachel has not achieved the fame of her cousin Reuben since I’d never heard of her before.

        However that also made me realize that I’d never thought the Reuben sandwich name to be referring to the male name…I just thought it was a…sandwich name? But there are a couple of possible origin stories tracing back to fellows named Reuben:


    6. OldKat

      Poor Rachel

      Glad I don’t have internet service at the barn. If my Rachel mare were to read that sign in the photo I think she would be quite, quite disturbed. She IS kind of a stinker and my wife HAS threatened to “skin” her on more than one occasion; most recently in June when I was trimming Rachel’s hooves and she jumped to try to get away from me. She landed right on top of my wife’s right foot and she just stood with her big clod hopper hoof on top of Donnas’ foot until I made her back off.

      She weighs about 1,650 pounds. Rachel that is, not my wife … she weighs considerable less! After she could walk again she was about ready to skin Rachel over any little infraction. We have never discussed actually GRILLING her though. I think we will pass.

      BTW: The day Rachel managed to pull this little stunt was the first day of my wife’s retirement. She was not amused.

      1. Carolyn B

        Old Kat, you’ve got me giggling today. Sympathies to the wife.

    7. Kentuckylady717

      Ever tried a GRILLED RACHEL ? They are delicious…….

      1. City Slicker

        Grilleed Rachel - delicious ...

        …especially with fava beans and a nice Chianti, Clarise?

    8. Debbie H

      Grilled and Burgers

      Whether you chose Rachel or Elvis they are both on the hot seat:)

    9. Alice Mary

      I prefer a Monte Cristo, myself.

      The second photo: “BEER” after the “DRIVING ESSENTIALS” sign would seem to warrant an attorney’s sign below it that says “WE SPECIALIZE IN DUI DEFENSE”.

      Alice Mary

      1. And we see that office happens to be for rent. The perfect third sign. Could also be a funeral home.

    10. Erin

      I love Reuben’s so I have never tried a Rachel. I often see them both offered at various restaurants.

    11. Slightly-Handled-Order-Man

      I am now waiting for my dinner to get ready, seriously now thanks to you guys I am hungry..

    12. Reuben and Rachel

      “Reuben and Rachel” is the name of a very old folk song. Several verses. Women sing a verse which is answered by the men.

    13. "We Still Sell Eggs"

      My husband and I did not grow up on farms, so when our Amish egg lady posted this sign, we thought she was probably getting ready to go out of business. “No, no,” she assured us. She had to explain to us that her chickens were no longer laying as well and they were soon to go into the stewpot. A new flock was waiting in the wings, so to speak.

    14. Slow on the Uptake

      Carol, I sang “Reuben, Reuben, I’ve been thinking…” as a kid. Until you mentioned the song, I didn’t “get” the sign, never made the connection. I’d like to say it’s never a “Duh” moment with me, but I’m starting to have them every day. 🙂

      1. OldKat

        Reuben and Rachel

        Reuben and Rachel lyrics