2016 Bart Fire Company Mud Sale – 3-Photo Preview

Thanks to reader Ed we’ll have a pack of photos from the recent Bart Fire Company Mud Sale up next week.

Just thought I’d share a few of them here with you now. These Lancaster County-area mud sale events (view 2016 schedule) reliably draw big crowds of both Amish and English people.


Ed says that “The day was partly sunny with temps in the upper 40s/lower 50s; and there was minimal mud. That probably affected the crowd size.”


“In my observation there seemed to be a fairly even mix of Amish and English in attendance.”


Stay tuned for more!

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    1. Rene E. Kronenberger

      Amish im Texas?

      Hi Eric,

      wo lawa die Amish im Texas? Stadt oder uff dem Land? Hasch Du a Ahnung`?

    2. M.H.G.

      2016 Bart Fire Company Mud Sale

      Looks like fun!

      2nd Photo: The food they offer sounds delicious!
      3rd Photo: The art work on the wall looks lovely…

    3. John E Chimenti

      A video of this years Gordonville,Pa mud sale ."A Letter of Love"

      https://youtu.be/l-V-iKk7ENU Copy and paste , or click the link