Reader Brett shares some photos of Amish in Western Kentucky.  Graves County is home to a pair of settlements, one of which is a Swartzentruber Amish community.

kentucky amish graves county

Swartzentruber Amish communities are found in a handful of locations in Kentucky

amish kentucky graves county home

Red barns and buildings are common among Swartzentruber Amish

amish kentucky home

Kentucky has the eighth-largest Amish population in North America

kentucky amish phone

Amish often use phone shanties like this one in Graves County, KY

kentucky amish horse shoeing

A roadside sign calls attention to a Kentucky Amish horse shoeing business

Kentucky Amish settlements range from Swartzentruber to New Order communities.  Amish have moved into the state in large numbers in recent decades.  In fact, all present Kentucky Amish settlements (except one) have been founded over the past 40 years.

And if you missed it a few months back, check out this post on the Munfordville, Kentucky Amish, the largest settlement in the state. You can also view the Kentucky Amish state guide, outlining communities across the Bluegrass State, or a directory of Kentucky Amish furniture.


Amish-made cheese

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