Goodbye Winter

Amish covered bridge

Don’t know exactly where you’re sitting as you read this.  But wherever it may be, Old Man Winter is probably well on his way out your door as we scoot into April.

In memory of the season, a final winteresque photo, courtesy of Amish America’s honorary ace photographer, Rick.  This time, it’s an Amish farm near a covered bridge in southern Lancaster County.  Hooray for spring.

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    1. Bill

      Nice photo! That scene would make a nice shot in any season.

      Indeed, hooray for spring!
      Is it just me or did winter seem like forever this year? And we’re due for some cold weather again next week, hopefully the last of it.

    2. Great picture – what I wouldn’t give to live in a farm like that surrounded by trees and a covered bridge to boot! Everything feels new this time of year – I’m sure for the Amish, it’s also a very busy time of year. I wish we could switch New Year’s to springtime because it just seems more appropriate then.

    3. Tom Kaminski

      Now that would make a nice wall size picture for somebodys living room or den…

    4. Not so loud Tom, or Rick is going to have to start charging me here!

    5. Tom Kaminski

      Maybe you offer his prints for sale on here and split the money…

    6. Rick

      Ace photographer?! That’s a good one, Erik. I’m always happy to share and be a part of your great page. Now about those royalties…

    7. Rick I have to forward this one to Tom at the royalties department. I think he said something about the check being in the mail…

    8. Tom Kaminski

      Put the stamp on the envelope myself just yesterday.

      But in all seriousness, Rick is there anyway I could get copys of prints from you of some of your pictures?

    9. Ditto to Tom’s question about copies of the prints….??

    10. Rick

      I’d be happy to get prints made of whatever anyone would like. If there’s anything in particular you might want that hasn’t been posted here, let me know and I’ll see what I have for any subject you ask about. I will be spending a few days in New Wilmington and 3+ in Holmes County in about 2 weeks, so will have more then.

    11. Rick

      Guess I should’ve put my email with that last comment – Depending on what anybody might want, I could just email files or send a CD.

    12. That’s a beautiful farm setting. I’d love to see a picture of it in the fall!

    13. wowww your picture is awesome