Five Surprising Findings On The Amish Diet (Video)

I made a video of a post from several years back, detailing some surprising findings on the Amish diet and food. These come from the book Nature & The Environment in Amish Life by David McConnell and Marilyn Loveless, which focuses on the Amish in the Holmes County, Ohio community. To take one example, here’s the first one:

1. Amish order pizza and other delivery food more than you think – According to the survey, Amish order pizza and other home-delivered meals about twice as often as non-Amish.

This varies a lot across the different groups however. The Old Order Amish affiliation order delivery about 10 times as often as the very traditional Swartzentruber Amish.

On the other hand, non-Amish eat out a lot more than Amish (over 6 times as often).

Getting a meal delivered can be especially convenient when you rely on the buggy, or expensive taxi travel to go any real distance.

If you’d prefer to read the post, check that out here. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the video, which also goes into food topics including eggs, canning, and junk food:

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    1. J.O.B.

      Zero Amish vegetarians. Not a surprise but some of the younger Amish are becoming more aware of such diets. Some have gotten into fitness and take selfies of themselves and basically starve themselves to get 6 pack abs. Chicken and broccoli only diet to lose weight. They got this diet from people in the gym.

      Much of their diet depends on where they live and what they’re exposed to. In Lancaster, many love their coffee and have become Starbucks ‘snobs.’ Which is meant as a tease, not an insult. I’ve seen 14 and 15 years olds drink lots of coffee. And they know their coffee!

      And the mom saying they live cheaply but eat unhealthy. True. They are being more exposed to these types of foods and many love their soda.

      It really seems they eat what’s around them just like the rest of us. Amish may be more likely to have a garden but many have gardens that are getting smaller and smaller. Fewer Amish seem to be farming and have homes with less land. Due to population growth in the area? Also some have wealth and the garden is not much of a necessity for them. Some. It varies so much here.