Final Bill Coleman photo giveaway: “Seasons”

Today, our final Bill Coleman photo giveaway.  First, congratulations are in order to Robert L., winner of last week’s “Three Quilts” photo.  This week’s photo series is taken from the non-Amish portion of Bill’s catalog.  It is one of the simplest and most memorable of the collection in my opinion, depicting a single walnut tree as it makes its way through the year.

Bill Coleman Seasons

From “Bill has been photographing this solitary walnut tree at the crest of a hill, season after season, for years.  We’ve chosen the best of this series and presented them together in one mat.”  This series measures 10″ by 25″.

You can enter this contest here (contest has concluded).  As before, even if you’ve entered one of the previous giveaways, please re-enter to be included in this contest.  If you share this contest on Facebook or another site, you’ll get an extra entry (just email confirmation to

If you think loved ones might enjoy these photos too, have a look at Amish Photo’s Gift Guide with suggestions for a variety of situations (Mom – Dad – Teacher – Wedding – New Baby, etc.) as well as some nice gift ideas for under $30.

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    1. Patsy H.


      I love the fact that Bill took a picture of the same tree as the seasons changed.

    2. Seasons

      Obviously that tree wasn’t taken in central California because the grass is green in 3 of the pictures!! I’m just kidding…but I am amazed. CA has brown grass most of the year unless it is your personal lawn. The tree is very beautiful.

      1. I would miss the grass then Karen. I imagine the CA weather (in some places anyway) would make up for it.

    3. Naomi Wilson


      This group of pictures has always been my very favorite of Bill’s work. I’d have bought it long ago if I could.

    4. New York State of Mind

      I love all the pictures that Bill Coleman has.

    5. Nancee

      Bill Coleman is a true photo artist. His photographs bring out the best in what he sees. Thank you for offering this contest!

    6. Alice Mary

      To every thing there is a season...

      …that’s what comes to mind when I look at these photos. So peaceful, too.

      Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest.

      Alice Mary

    7. Amanda

      Absolutely beautiful

      I love the changing of seasons and to capture them as a picutre is wonderful!

    8. Ruth

      I like the change of the seasons there beautiful

    9. Loretta T

      Comment on Final Bill Coleman photo giveaway

      When I see the trees in a 4 season collection I always think of our life phases. Such parallel.

      1. Valerie

        Agree Loretta

        And I was just saying yesterday, I’m no Spring chicken anymore.

        Beautiful pictures! I love each season for it’s own beauty & how our “things to do/enjoy” change through each one.

        Trees are my favorite-I love to see a single tree like in Bill’s photograph, in the middle of a farm field-I asked why that was common in Ohio, after I moved here & was told it was to shade the workhorse/farmer for a breaktime? Makes sense to me!

    10. Juanita Cook

      Congrats to Robert L for winning this contest for the picture.

    11. Juanita Cook

      Congrats to Allyson for winning Sarah’s Wedding picture.

    12. Holly Shamro

      Love it!

      I love this picture! The whole reason I stay in Ohio is for my love of the change of seasons.

    13. Garrett Kozlowski

      Thank you

      I Want to say thanks for all your wondefull work, your pictures brightened my days, I will miss you.