You might remember a previous post on July 4th buggy races in the Elkhart-Lagrange Amish settlement.  As one reader shares Topeka is not the only spot in northern Indiana holding an annual buggy race:

Shipshewana has a celebration called Mayfest each year. Mayfest includes several different events one of which is a buggy race. The buggy race involves teams of 4 individuals. Two team members ride and two team members pull to buggy to a predetermined point where the buggy is turned around and the riders and drivers switch roles. After the switch, it’s a race to the finish. Amish teams always dominate because they can hop in and out of a moving buggy, while their English counterparts usually have to stop the buggy before switching positions.

Attached to this email are pictures of today’s winners. Four Amish youth.





Amish-made cheese

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