English Friend Helps Promote Benefit Dinner For Michigan Amish Family

Last year a Michigan Amish family of nine were struck by a car while traveling by buggy. Sadly, the father has died of his injuries. Now the community is having a benefit dinner for the family, and an English friend is promoting it online. Here’s the information via the Facebook post:

Our Amish neighbors in Hale are having a benefit dinner for the family of 9, who were struck by a car last year on M-65, while driving in their buggy. The husband has passed away from his injuries.

Please come join the dinner, if you can. Location is corner of Old State Road and M-65.

If you cannot attend but want to help. Donations may be sent to:
Laura Hostetler, 7201 Old State Rd Whittemore MI 48770

The family also has fresh eggs, honey, dog treats, rice crispy treats, beets, pickles, fresh homemade bread and other baked goods.

The “host” on the Facebook post is listed as Paula McLeod and “Iosco county yard sale”. It’s always nice to see English and Amish neighbors help each other out, and hopefully Paula’s posting this dinner will help boost the attendance of it. If you’re in the area it might be worth attending or at least picking something up from the home business, which offers a lot of things I think I’d enjoy.

The community is Hale, Michigan (Iosco County). It was founded in 2006 but is just a small community of around 85 people. So this single family makes up about 10% of the entire settlement. No doubt outside support will be appreciated by this family.

Finally, here’s the dinner flyer with menu and information. The event is a week from today, on June 9th, from 3:30 to 7:30 pm.

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