Amish Samaritans Rescue SUV From Ditch (Updated)

In the time-honored tradition of neighbor helping neighbor, Amish came to the rescue yesterday, after snowfall in Tennessee caused an SUV to plant itself in a ditch. From WKRN:

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — There’s horsepower and then there’s HORSEpower. During Monday’s major snowfall across Middle Tennessee, many good Samaritans lent a helping hand to drivers who were stuck in the muck.

An SUV ended up in a ditch on Buffalo Road in Ethridge around noon but help was on the way, courtesy of a group of Amish who were in the area.

“Amish wrecker service,” the video filmer (I assume Sandra Newton) jokes at one point. Two of what appears to be powerful Belgian horses provide the oomph, with several other Amish guys assisting with a push on the front end. It takes several tries, but the SUV is soon freed, as you can see in the video below. Once again, low tech comes to the rescue of high tech.

This is only the latest in a long tradition of Amish helping out stranded English drivers using their hooved vehicle extractors. Other examples include a similar ditch rescue in the same Tennessee community (almost exactly two years ago), and a Pennsylvania Amish farmer using a team to rescue an 18-wheeler.

I have a soft spot for these stories, because I’ve been the beneficiary of a similar vehicle rescue (though in my case the Amishman used a tractor, and mud was the cause of my downfall, not snow).

UPDATE: I did a video on this rescue operation, and the others I mention above, including some footage of the Amish farmer getting the 18-wheel milk truck unstuck. Towards the end, I tell my story of an Amishman once getting me out of a ditch.

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    1. zc

      why is dynamite never used?

    2. Love the Photo!

      Erik, thanks for sharing the great photo! Whenever Englih households have a major electrical outage, I always wonder if the Old Order Amish say to one another, “It’s a good thing we don’t rely on that!”

      1. Erik Wesner

        Absolutely, they aren’t a pat themselves on the back people, but being human some might take a little satisfaction in moments like these.

    3. john


      The video reminds of pictures when autos were 1st being driven and they got stuck in the mud and a team of horses had to pull the auto out after being stuck.

    4. Randy A

      Good Job

      God bless the Amish.

    5. Carolyn Braden


      A team of horses…and Amish…helping “English.” A fine example of teamwork. Yes, we had quite the snow (for us, anyway) here in Middle Tennessee on Monday. And a couple of work snow days for me!

    6. Lissy Dunning

      Thank You To The Amish

      For all that you do! Many of us can learn good lessons from your helping others.

    7. Amish rescue suv in ditch

      I admire the Amish ways of sincere kindness of being helpful. You don’t find much of that in California where people are to themselves and rarely help neighbors and friends. Amish people are blessed in their ways and this world would be a better place if people were more like the Amish.