A full one-third of Delaware’s counties have Amish settlements.

Okay, Delaware only has three counties (yep, that kind of sounds like a joke you’d hear an Amish guy make).

Delaware’s sole Amish settlement nestles against state capital Dover.  Amish have been here almost 100 years.

It’s a decent-sized community, actually: 9 church districts, over 1000 people.  Amish have been leaving though.  Land is expensive next to the capital.

Still, it’s still not as busy a place as, say Lancaster County.  I think you can get a sense of that in the photos below.  Amish I talked to last February suggested they’d be here a while yet.

Hope you enjoy these 10 photos of the Dover Amish:

windmill amish dover

amish buggy dover

delaware amish silo

amish school delaware

amish birdhouses

delaware amish stamping supplies

de amish buggies

amish trampoline

amish barn de

amish farm lane delaware

For more info and photos from this settlement, see the Dover, Delaware Amish, and for Dover Amish woodworkers: Delaware Amish furniture.

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