I thought it might be nice to share something from The Connection magazine with you today. “The Life of a Farmer’s Wife” appears in each issue courtesy of Lena Yoder of Topeka, Indiana. Lena is an Amish mom just doing her best with husband Wayne to run a family and a farm.

connection cover oneAs she writes in a previous column, “Some days I wonder just why we even want to dairy farm. I really struggle to keep my focus. Some days things happen…”. Lena goes on to describe a day when “some things happened”, namely having the diesel engine conk out (whoops…might need that for milking), having to haul the whole herd to an uncle’s as a result, and being presented with a head-to-toe manure-covered little girl named Karah. “She looked at me totally shocked because I just had to laugh at her. It was either laugh or cry, so laugh I did!” You wonder how often Lena has to make that laugh-or-cry choice. No doubt there are days just like that for every farmer’s wife.

Lena Yoder ConnectionMixed in with the trials and frustration is a lot of joy–and humor–popping up throughout Lena’s writing. In another issue she shares the challenges of shopping for a big family. “Grocery shopping in the winter time is even worse. My children are horrified by the way I look to go to town in the winter. Thick black socks, several jackets under my too big coat, a thick head scarf, plus a bonnet on top of that. Fashion statement failure deluxe.”

Lena’s column is just one of a number of regular features found in The Connection. Others include Swiss Gems, Home Cookin’, Fins and Feathers, Mrs. Gid, The Poet’s Porch, Travel Time, Hen Party, Daviess County Highlights, and many more.

Thanks to Nancy, Mary Alice and Doretta for sharing this today. The following is from last May’s issue (I chopped it into 3 pieces for online readability):




You can find out more on ordering The Connection here, which, of course, makes a great gift for Moms 😉 .

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