Do Amish ever live in town?

Which musical instruments do Amish play?

How old do you have to be to become a bishop?

Do Amish ever accept government aid?

When do Amish grow a beard?

Do Amish ever drive cars?

When and why do Amish make exceptions to the Ordnung?

How are store-bought Amish quilts different from those in Amish homes?

Do Amish ever adopt?


These questions just scratch the surface of what’s covered in my new book, Fifty Fascinating Amish Facts (coming soon).

Topics include Amish women, technology, names, food, church, health, transport, taboos, and more.

Amish  Buggy Plates

1950s buggy plates at auction

Each is covered in 2-3 pages, making this an easy book to pick up and learn something new from.

Surprises Inside

I’ve been researching and writing Fifty Fascinating Amish Facts for much of the past three years. Many of the things I discovered were surprising.

Readers who already know something about the Amish will learn a lot more.

And–based on feedback from Amish and English who’ve read the manuscript–those who know a lot will find much of interest here too.

We’re moving closer to publication. In the coming weeks and months I’ll be sharing more about the book, and the process of creating it.  I’ll be posting more about that right here on the site.

I’m also starting an email list for those interested in the book. We’ll be having some giveaways and extras offered exclusively via email. Sign up below and I’ll send you occasional info on all of that.

Thanks for your interest!

Buggy plates photo: ShipshewanaIndiana

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