Comparing Big Valley buggy ‘dashboards’ of the Byler, Renno, and Nebraska Amish

Big Valley, Pennsylvania is home to three main Amish groups–the Byler Amish, Renno Amish, and Nebraska Amish.

Big Valley buggy Byler Renno Amish
They’re often known by the color of their buggies–yellow, black, and white, respectively.

Byler Amish buggy dashboard Big Valley
The somewhat fancy dash of a Byler Amish buggy.  Yes, those are keys hanging on the right.  You’ve got to start the horse somehow.

Byler Amish buggy cigarette lighter Big Valley
Some Amish smoke.  So this comes in handy.  Also for recharging the iPod.

Renno Amish buggy dashboard Big Valley
This Renno buggy has a plainer dashboard.  Switches operate battery-powered lighting.

Nebraska and Byler Amish buggies Big Valley Pennsylvania

Nebraska buggies really don’t have a dash, or anything like the enclosed front that the other types do.  So bring a blankie if you catch a ride on a chilly day.

Also: Brown buggies-read about the Amish of New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, a group with roots in Big Valley.

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    1. Adrian

      The cigarette lighter/Ipod comment reminds me of the time in 1991 my friend showed me his buggy with a concealed radio/cassette player when he was going through Rumspringa. That was quite hilarious. I was also in Leola at Giant supermarket a couple of years back when an Amish teen passed me in the parking lot in his buggy blasting AC/DC.

    2. Jill

      This was a treat. I’ve always loved the variety of the Big Valley buggies, but had no idea there might be lighters! And the music comments were LOL fun. Thanks!

    3. On a different subject. I am interested in visiting the Amish because I write about them. I live in Texas and would like to meet the Texas Amish down south. Would appreciate information of a connection down that way!

      1. james gambrel

        amish in texas

        There are not too many church districts in Texas, 4 to be exact. The districts are Hale Center, Grandview, Bastrop and Beeville.Get out Texas map and good luck

        1. Beeville, TX

          Beeville is the only Old Order Amish community in Texas, 1 church district in size.

          Here’s more:

          1. Joey

            Texas Amish

            That is because it is to HOT down here for an Amish Community without A/C!! LOL.

            1. Debbie Wang

              That’s the truth. I’m about an hour south of them and its 90 degrees already. The woman wear long sleeved and high necked dresses and only in dark colors. Stifling.