Members of Amish and other Plain groups rallied today to show support for midwife Diane Goslin, reports Lancaster Online (no longer online).

The Amish, though generally choosing to avoid public attention, have had to take stances on things important to them in the past–issues such as schooling, military exemption, and Social Security.

Since many Amish women have midwife-assisted home births, the issue is seen as important.  Some view the case as a threat to the practice as a whole.   Around half of Amish children are born at home in Lancaster County.

A member of Birth Without Boundaries, who helped to organize the gathering, echoed the sentiment of Amish and other attendees when he said that, “our main concern is that we are permitted to have home births.”

Safety has been an issue for opponents, but opinions have started to turn.  BWB points out that the British government shifted policy last year to promote home births as a viable option.

A ruling is expected within six months.

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