Cedar Pine Grocery Prices Roseville IL

Cedar Pine price board. Photo by Steve Davis, Register-Mail

Cedar Pine Discount Groceries is another of umpteen little Amish-run food stores tucked away in corners of North America.

It’s located in the little community at Roseville, Illinois, a one-church district settlement founded in 2007.

Roseville Illinois MapCedar Pine sells bent-n-dent and salvage goods, along with some homemade and fresh products.

The Register-Mail of Galesburg, IL recently published a profile of the store. A few interesting things I learned:

  • The Roseville community is a small one, of just 15 families. So non-Amish make up the majority of customers at Cedar Pine.
  • The Amish owners, Catherine and Edwin, have the uncommon surname (at least for Amish people) of “Lee“.
  • Saturday is the store’s big day. They sell fresh doughnuts, offer free coffee and see around 100 customers that day.
  • The Lees rent trees in the area to produce maple syrup.
  • Technology the Lees use: a refrigerated truck with one side cut open; gas lights; fans; solar-powered freezer and cash register.

Other Amish Food Stores

The last Amish food business I visited was the Shiloh General Store in Union Grove, NC.

English Shoppers Shiloh Store NCThis is not a bent-n-dent but sells canned goods, bakery items, and deli foods. It seems geared to a non-Amish clientele.

The place was packed on the Saturday I visited (see photo) and the only Amish people in the place were working there.

Cedar Pine and Shiloh General Store are not unusual. Amish-run food stores often cater to both an English and Amish customer base.

BB’s Grocery Outlet (Lebanon, PA) is popular with both English and Amish. Kauffman’s Bulk Foods (Jasper, NY) reportedly has more English customers than Amish. The owner of the new Heritage Hill Country Market (Chatham, VA) plans to target both groups.

Have you visited an Amish-run grocery, bulk food, or salvage store? Did you see more Amish or English customers?

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