BB’s Grocery Outlet (4 Pennsylvania Locations)

Amish-Owned Discount Grocery Stores

Some photos of BB’s, a PA Amish bent-n-dent grocery. These photos are from the store’s Lebanon County location (Myerstown area; addresses at end of post).

Amish Grocery Outlet

BB’s in fact has 4 locations across southeastern PA, including in Lancaster County, Berks County, and Cumberland County (see below for addresses).

Amish Grocery Store

The reader who took these photos says it reminds him of an “Amish Costco”, and that it is quite popular with both English and Amish customers. The Lebanon County Amish community is nowhere near as big as nearby Lancaster, but with 200 or so households it’s not tiny.

Restroom Amish Store

Says our photographer Richard: “A can of Green beans is about 50 cents each and their brands are more of the brands that we know, but also ones that I’ve never heard of before.”

Produce Section Amish Store

Freezer Amish Store

Richard notes: “As you can see they sell milk and fruit and also frozen items which they will gladly supply you with a coat to go inside.”

Amish Lighting Exterior

Lighting outside the store.

Where to find them:

BB’s Grocery Outlet Locations

Lancaster County
581 Camargo Road
Quarryville, PA

Lebanon County
430 N. Market Street
Myerstown, PA

Berks County
150 Morview Blvd.
Morgantown, PA

Cumberland County
20 Quigley Road
Newburg, PA

More info for each store, including hours and holiday schedule, at the BB’s website (

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    1. Forest

      Thanks for posting the photos. We had our first snow of the season here in central NC, and there’s not much to do except stay inside and work on the internet. At least it gives me something to look at. Wish we had one of these nearby.

    2. Richard from Amish Stories

      Nice job with this post Erik........

      Nice job with the pictures Erik and in fact I’m going to BB’s today to buy some orange juice and a few other things I’m sure. From looking at this business at a distance you wouldn’t really think that it is Amish owned and run, until you pull into the parking lot and notice those outside gas lamps and then you will think to yourself “something is really different about this place”. I had asked a young Amish girl who was working in the store if i could see the manager, so she let him know i had a question for him. I waited what must have been 25 mins and i then thought “this is not happening” and i headed for the door to leave , as i was almost outside the store the Amish manager was running behind me and told me it was ok to snap some shots. So many folks have talked about this place which is located close to my own home, yet I’ve never seen any images of it until now! Richard

    3. Loretta

      B & B

      Because of a post here last year, when I was in Pa. last Sept, I took an afternoon and went to this store. Really enjoyed the experience, and the “cold locker” or walk-in refridgerator was neat. I remember that they had flowers, cheeses, all kinds of thing in there. And it was VERY cold.

      There is a great store that sits beside this one that has lovely things for the home.

      The scenery on the ride over, the country, everything made this an enjoyable afternoon–and not much money spent.

      1. Pat Y.

        Where is it?

        OK – I’m reading all these posts about this Amish store in LEbanon County. I live in Lebanon County and never heard of it! Where in Lebanon County is it? Can you give me a name of a town it is near, or is that giving away too much information? I’d like to check it out! Thanks! Whoever wrote that Lebanon County is a beautiful place to live was right on! The farms are beautiful and rolling hills and open fields lovely. I see Amish buggies go by my house every day, which is still fun to see after being here almost 25 years! I grew up in Lancaster County so I know about the commercialism of the Amish there. I’ll take Lebanon any day over Lancaster!

        1. kc

          B B's Grocery location

          This is on route 419 between the George Washington Tavern and Horst Rd.

          1. Ralph Cummings


            there is a new store in Oxford PA in chester county as well.
            I have not been there but have been to ALdis in DE which was disgusting.

            1. Megan Ramsey

              Where is the one in Oxford????

              Do you know the address for the BBs in Oxford?

              1. Oxford BB's Outlet Address & Info

                Here’s their address and hours for the new Oxford store, from their website:


                2176 Baltimore Pike
                Oxford, PA

                Mon. – Fri.: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
                Saturday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
                Sunday: Closed

    4. Richard from Amish Stories

      Hello Loretta....

      Hi Loretta and I’m glad you had a nice time in my neck of the woods of Lebanon counties Amish community. I had passed BB’s by so many times without ever stopping in, so I’m glad this time i had the sense to at least give it a look after hearing about it for some time now. Lebanon county to me anyway really is very beautiful and has a very charming Amish settlement, and like Erik has said its much smaller compared to the Amish settlement in Lancaster county, but its also un-spoiled and we like it that way. So the Amish move about here more naturally and without worries from tour buses’ and droves of tourist, so lets please keep this as our little secret! Richard

    5. Robin M.

      We have a dear friend who lives in Lebanon. I will have to ask her about this place and stop in the next time we visit. Thanks for sharing … very interesting!!

    6. So lets please keep this as our little secret! Huh?

      Sorry Richard, the cat is out of the bag now. I will try to visit there this summer (and make purchases) lol.

    7. Loretta

      Richard, are you serious?

      Really, Richard, you think we can keep a secret? lol
      Seriously, I did not realize this was in Lebanon County
      because it’s not far from Strasburg. I go to an Amish
      farm on my way there that does woodwork as I had bought a nice rocking horse for my granddaughters and I like to see what
      else they have. Then I went to Goodes store, found my
      way over the B & Bs, looked in the home decor shop awhile,
      then found my way over to Georgetown to the Hometown Kitchen,
      had a wonderful meal, what they call the “wedding meal”,
      stopped at Kings on the corner–then went back to my bed
      and breakfast.

      A perfect day, I’d say. Hoping to do it again this year.

    8. Richard from Amish Stories

      I'm hardly ever serious Loretta,lol

      I’m hardly ever serious Loretta,lol, but yes folks know that their are other Amish settlement’s in other countie’s besides Lancaster. And i know some people dog Lancaster a little for being too commercialized and changing in the wrong direction, but as I’ve said before I’m still bullish on the place and think its still a very beautiful place to live and visit. So i would say Lancaster is evolving more than changing, and after all aren’t we ourselves changing just a little in some ways as we get older. So considering I’m someone who hates getting serous, that was pretty serous,lol. Richard

    9. OldKat

      Nice pictures Richard. As always,enjoy reading your posts. Just wish they were, oh, 1,100 miles or so closer!

    10. Debbie Welsh

      Richard; You didn’t mention the exact location of this BB’s store but it looks like the one in Schaefferstown. I think Loretta is referring to the BB’s store in Quarryville by the way she’s explaining things.

    11. Richard from Amish Stories

      Your correct Debbie.............

      Your right Debbie its the one in Schaefferstown on 419. Richard

    12. Loretta


      Yes, I was referring to the one in Quarryville. I just assumed that this was the one. I knew the outside picture didn’t look real familiar, but I thought maybe I didn’t pay a lot of attention to it.

      Thanks, Debbie Welsh.

    13. Ann Rapaglia

      BB Store

      I have not been to this store.I love the Good store and
      go each time I visit my sister who lives in Myerstown.
      I certainly will ask her about the BB store.

    14. Kathie

      Where is this place??

      I’ve heard so many things about BB’s but I can’t find out where it is!! I live in Hagerstown, MD. Can someone give me an address, phone number, something??? Thanks.

    15. Linda

      Kathie, if you go to the post below, then scroll down toward the bottom, Debbie Welsh gave a list of 3 BB’s.

      Maybe it’s just as easy to copy Debbie’s Feb. 2012 list to this page:

      And don’t forget the great BB’s bent & dent stores at these locations:

      581 Camargo Road, Quarryville, PA

      Rt. 419 N., Schaefferstown, PA

      6180 Morgantown Road, Morgantown, PA ( are in the process of moving to a new location on Rt. 23 in Morgantown )

      1. Kathie

        Linda: Thanks so much for the information. Do you also know of BB’s somewhere near Shippensburg? I’m looking for a place relatively close to Hagerstown.

    16. Linda

      Kathy, you are right.

      BB’s Grocery Outlet
      20 Quigley Road Newburg, PA 17240
      (717) 786-3210
      Hours: 8-4, M, T, Th, F; 8-5 Wednesday; 8-3 Saturday.

      This is in the area of Franklin & Cumberland Counties.

      Other stores in that vicinity are:

      Country Pantry Bulk and Natural Foods (Mennonite)
      1430 Rowe Rd
      Shippensburg, PA 17257

      Esh’s Store (Amish)
      16295 Cumberland Hwy.
      Newburg, PA 17240
      Supplements, Quilts, Bulk Foods, Books

      Rachel’s Country Store
      6352 McClays Mill Road Newburg, PA 17240
      (717) 530-9452
      Housewares, Books, Scrapbooking

      1. Kathie



        Thanks again! Can’t wait to go shopping on Saturday!

    17. Robert Bennett

      Great Shopping!

      My wife and I live near Roanoke, Va and travel to Pa. to visit family still living in York County. Every trip we make we go to Quarryville and go to BB’s. Last trip we got $110 in groceries and that has supplemented our groceries for the past 6 months. We have saved hundreds of dollars by going there.

    18. Howard

      Ohio Amish

      We live in Lebanon, Pa. I never heard of a salvage store till we stopped at a Walmart in Ohio and seen an article. The Amish there had quit a few of them. We get our meats at Stohler’s Meat Market at the end of Schaefferstown, so will check this place out. Good article and pics

    19. Linda Cundiff

      is there a store in oxford pa

      1. Clate

        The Oxford store will open on June 3, 2019.

    20. Wanda McCracken

      What is the address to the new store in Oxford?

      1. Oxford, PA BB's Grocery Info

        Hi Wanda, just posted above but will re-post here in case anyone missed it:


        2176 Baltimore Pike

        Oxford, PA

        Mon. – Fri.: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
        Saturday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
        Sunday: Closed

    21. Donna Hartranft

      I just overheard someone talk about this place while shopping at Horning’s and was wondering if you can send me an address please.

      Thank you

    22. John Cummins

      More store

      I travel from Abingdon Md to your store in Oxford and was wondering if you have any plans to enter into Maryland.
      My sister and neighbors even shop at your store in Oxford.