Amish-Owned Discount Grocery Stores

Some photos of BB’s, a PA Amish bent-n-dent grocery. These photos are from the store’s Lebanon County location (Myerstown area; addresses at end of post).

Amish Grocery Outlet

BB’s in fact has 4 locations across southeastern PA, including in Lancaster County, Berks County, and Cumberland County (see below for addresses).

Amish Grocery Store

The reader who took these photos says it reminds him of an “Amish Costco”, and that it is quite popular with both English and Amish customers. The Lebanon County Amish community is nowhere near as big as nearby Lancaster, but with 200 or so households it’s not tiny.

Restroom Amish Store

Says our photographer Richard: “A can of Green beans is about 50 cents each and their brands are more of the brands that we know, but also ones that I’ve never heard of before.”

Produce Section Amish Store

Freezer Amish Store

Richard notes: “As you can see they sell milk and fruit and also frozen items which they will gladly supply you with a coat to go inside.”

Amish Lighting Exterior

Lighting outside the store.

Where to find them:

BB’s Grocery Outlet Locations

Lancaster County
581 Camargo Road
Quarryville, PA

Lebanon County
430 N. Market Street
Myerstown, PA

Berks County
150 Morview Blvd.
Morgantown, PA

Cumberland County
20 Quigley Road
Newburg, PA

More info for each store, including hours and holiday schedule, at the BB’s website (

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