Can Amish Marry English? (Video)

In this new video I look at a simple question: can Amish people marry non-Amish people? I also discuss a couple of related situations, which fall under the same or similar umbrella.

Those two situations are cases when someone joins the Amish, and cases when someone in a married couple leaves the Amish. I hope you enjoy the video (length – 4:18).

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    1. Susan Wilfinger

      Can Amish marry English

      Hi Eric, I enjoyed this video but I enjoy all your videos & information you share about the Amish. Have a great weekend & God bless.

      1. Thank you Sue, glad to hear that! And same to you

    2. Darrell J. Burns

      free to marry?

      If an Amish person marries an “English” person then they get divorced…. Is the Amish person free to get married (again) in the Amish Church?