Amish Married Couple: “We are 100% content” (Video)

David and Emily (no last name given) are an Amish couple living in the Holmes County, Ohio settlement.

In 2006, they sat down for an interview with Oprah Winfrey, and made a claim that surprised the famous talk show host.

Asked if they are content, David replies, “one hundred percent.”

“That is one of the nicest feelings,” Emily adds, without hesitation.

“I don’t know anybody, who’s ever said one hundred percent content, ever,” says Oprah’s co-host.


And maybe it is a bit hard to believe.

Anytime I hear that someone or something is “one hundred percent” (“100% money back guarantee!”, “I keep 100% of my promises” etc.), I can’t help but be a little skeptical. You don’t have even a bit of doubt or wiggle room?

But perhaps this spot of cynicism reflects more on me than them.

I do want to believe – and looking at the easy interaction and, yes, content manner of David and Emily, it’s hard to cast doubt.

Checking back in

Oprah revisited David and Emily about a decade after the original video.

This time, the couple did not appear on camera, due to objections by their church. They allowed their audio comments to be captured, however, and shared still photos of their family.

Oprah wanted to know if the couple is still content.

“It’s not something that comes easy,” says David. “You have to learn to put yourself on the back seat, and live your life for somebody else.”

You can hear the rest of their reply in the video:

Secret to Contentment?

Amish unions kick back against modern trends, in that they are about as close to permanent as it gets.

Divorce is not sanctioned in the church (it’s not unheard of, but initiating divorce can lead to excommunication), and Amish only remarry if a partner dies.

Does this mean 100% of Amish marriages are happy ones? Certainly not.

But maybe there is something about a commitment without an escape hatch that makes two people more willing to work together.

What do you think?

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    1. Alice Mary

      I wonder how long they had been married during the 2006 interview (my own daughter married that same year). Both couples (it seems) have had 2 children. Both seem happy. I suspect the more you have (Englisch) the more difficult it is to stay happy–more to worry about, distract you, etc. I personally think the Amish are happier in that regard…being “apart” from the world and its temptations.

      I wish them all happiness and contentment with their life choices.

      Enjoyed this post…hope Oprah does more updates in the future.

      Alice Mary

      1. In the first part, I would guess they’re maybe late 20s to early 30s…so maybe around 5 years or so? Video quality is not great but that was my first impression combined with a guess 🙂

        I feel a real positive vibe from these two, they do seem happy. Was nice to hear David reaffirm their feeling of contentment in the second part.

        1. Mark -- Holmes Co.

          I know this couple well. Not only are they friends of ours, we live in the same neighborhood. What you see IS what you get. 🙂

        2. James [Jakob]Kramer


          It is in my opinion not that they live away from temptations of this modern world: they tend to know what they do not want–and they are well aware of much more of modern American things than most non Amish realize. Those who do not leave the faith have their good reasons for staying–and the community of faith offers true sincere support. Greater society has lost this supportive caring aspect. Of course the Amish are not perfect. They are not without problems. They do “get a lot more things right” at least from what I have observed.

          1. jelena

            well modern world or not has nothing to do with temptation honsetly i seen Amish criminals or crime they did so no honsetly they seem not that perfect that they dont allow other who are not Amish to marry or date there people.

            so i think they seem hard workers i am curious and stuff but i dont want join but love is love and there have many rules and stuff which i dont like but i can be curious about it.

          2. jelena

            and i think its not that but they lived like that before and then there was no technology and stuff so its not that honsetly why they keep to them self and not live in with other people.

    2. Abner and Virginia Schlabach

      Oprah's interview was stupid

      We thought that Oprah’s questions were rather stupid. Making fun of the fact that you considered faithfulness in marriage is ridiculous. We didn’t finish the video because it was too superficial. There are much more informative questions that could be asked.

      1. Was it really that bad?

        Hmmm…I don’t watch Oprah in general, but I never got the impression that it was particularly “stupid” or mocking of David and Emily.

        You say you didn’t finish, so I’m not sure how much of it you got through, but I guess there’s only so deep an interview can go in a not-quite-4 minute video.

        I also don’t have sky-high expectations when mainstream entertainment personalities delve into the Amish.

        So all that considered, I thought it was a nice outlet to share a positive message with a wider audience, with the bonus that it was in large part shared through the words of Amish people themselves.

        But maybe I need to view it again? Did I miss something specific that was particularly bad?

    3. David

      OWNs segment was clear, concise, and honest. As a viewer I appreciate the fact the segment was not spun. Questions were “off” in manner as anyone who has limited Amish understanding would be… Women working at home(usually), plain dress code, horse & buggies, no electricity, etc… Oprah & co acted surprised, but that gives even more credibility to the speaker, especially 10 yrs after the first interview, IMHO. Husbands statements about value were respected. Simple is not always easy……….

    4. Abner

      I was probably too harsh

      In retrospect, I realize that I was probably too harsh. We just thought that the interview could have been conducted with more respect for the couple and for the Amish.

      1. No worries Abner. Yes after observing for years how major media often treats the Amish as strange curiosities, I am usually half-expecting to hear something awkward or out of left field when aforesaid media dips into doing an Amish story.

        In any case I enjoyed hearing from Mark above that this couple is just the same in real life…seem like they’d be great neighbors to have 🙂

        1. Mark -- Holmes Co.
    5. Ken Tibbetts

      Amish divorce

      I know scores of Amish families and only one Amish woman who is the victim of divorce. The man divorced her through what circumstances, I do not know. I do however, know the gentleman’s two daughters and they still maintain a relationship with him…and his new wife. John (as I shall call him) has maintained a slightly strained relationship with his daughters but I do know that there is lots of mutual love between them. They seem to have accepted John’s new wife and she them. If there is no familial love there is total understanding and respect between them.

      I like John a lot…and his wife, and I really like the girls. I’m sure we’ll be friends for a long time.

    6. Al in Ky

      I appreciated this post and always interested in reading or hearing from Amish who have remained Amish and are content. Are there any books written by Amish authors who share similar thoughts as David and Emily do?

    7. Janis McKiddy


      I think they should be left a lone to live as they please.