My hobby is driving me buggy

Smicksburg amish buggy

New wilmington amish buggy

Two shots of Amish buggies in two Pennsylvania communities, courtesy of Bill–the top one from Smicksburg, circa last January, and the bottom from guess where?

Smicksburg is the third largest Amish community in Pennsylvania based on the number of church districts, behind Lancaster County and Big Valley.  As of 2008, it has the same number of districts as New Wilmington, with 18.  This community is much younger, however, having been started in 1962, a full 115 years after New Wilmington.

Side note:  The inspiration for the title of this post, in case you were wondering, is a sign seen affixed to an Allen County, Indiana Amishman’s horse barn, spotted a couple of summers ago.  To be spoken with an Irish accent, I assume.

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    1. Hey, the link on the right side of this page for “White Jonas Stutzman-Not your typical Amishman” is bad. It goes back to this page.
      Thought you might like to know. As a webmaster myself, I know about bad links. 🙂
      I was curious about “Die weiss”, as I read a little about him when I lived in Holmes County. I’ll have to wait until you fix the link to read it I guess. 🙂

    2. I actually have a friend who lives not far from Smicksburg and they are in that area frequently.

    3. Erik Wesner

      Hey Mike, thanks for the note. All patched up now!

      Hope you enjoy that post. It was a fun one to put together while on the scene in HC.

    4. What a treasure you have here in your blog. I have enjoyed reading all your posts. I have very dear Amish friends in Lancaster and it is always interesting for us to compare our lifestyles especially in the raising of our children. I really enjoy all your photos. I have tons of photos and would be happy to share them if you need any. I tend to go for photos of the barns and animals and shy away from the Amish people as we all know they don’t really go for that. I try to be respectful or at least sneaky! Looking forward to reading more from you. Thanks annie