Here’s my video look at a question that often comes up: Why do some Amish use bicycles, while others only ride scooters?

In some communities you’ll mainly, or only, see the classic kick scooter. Lancaster County is the first that comes to mind. But this is also the case in places like Geauga County, Ohio, or Allen County, Indiana.

Image: S.I.

In others, bicycles prevail – some of them quite fancy models to boot. And on that point, in this video I also share with you two unusual types of bicycles you’ll find in some Amish places. One of them in particular has been controversial in an Ohio community.

Image: Don Burke

I also talk about my experience of what it’s like to ride an Amish scooter, and some related topics, like who makes scooters, colors, and so on.

I hope you enjoy.


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