Bikes or Scooters? [Video]

Here’s my video look at a question that often comes up: Why do some Amish use bicycles, while others only ride scooters?

In some communities you’ll mainly, or only, see the classic kick scooter. Lancaster County is the first that comes to mind. But this is also the case in places like Geauga County, Ohio, or Allen County, Indiana.

Image: S.I.

In others, bicycles prevail – some of them quite fancy models to boot. And on that point, in this video I also share with you two unusual types of bicycles you’ll find in some Amish places. One of them in particular has been controversial in an Ohio community.

Image: Don Burke

I also talk about my experience of what it’s like to ride an Amish scooter, and some related topics, like who makes scooters, colors, and so on.

I hope you enjoy.


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    1. ed strathman

      E bikes

      Last week at the horse farm progress event saw mostly e bikes 100s very nice so a lot changing
      Thanks ed

    2. Amish scotters/bicycles

      Some Amish in Lancaster County, Pa have electric motors on their scooters.

      1. That’s a good note and I think I left it out of this video for whatever reason.

        There was a story a few years back on this topic:

        Sounded like the bishops then did not love the idea, with “dozens, if not hundreds” using them at the time.

    3. Howard Landis


      We winter in Florida and often get to Sarasota where there seems to be a rather significant Amish community. We see the Amish there riding bikes, both the two wheel and tricycle style bikes.

    4. William johnson

      I visit Holmes county several times a year. The cell phones and e-bikes are very popular there now.
      My Amish friend told me that the New Order Amish church districts don’t allow e-bikes.

    5. Jerry


      From my travels I’ve seen bicycles used mainly by Old Order Mennonites. They have expert bike shops in my area where they can fix anything at a reasonable cost. Scooters tend to be popular among some Amish. Nebraska Orders rarely allow either.

    6. Bikes oir Scooters

      Hey Erik,

      I saw the funniest mode of transportation yesterday in Grabill. Two elderly people, one man and one woman, were each riding a strange contraption.The front looked like a motorcycle and the back-end was like a wheelchair, and it was motorized! It certainly made me do a double take and giggle for a while.

      1. Huh, that sounds eye-catching! Interesting to hear and probably an example of the local Ordnung bending to permit something to help church members with specific needs (mobility for elderly here). Thanks for sharing, I’ll need to keep my eyes peeled next time in that settlement 🙂