Ask an Amish Person: Submit Your Questions

Indiana Amishman Merlyn Yoder, who has contributed articles for us on the Ausbund, beekeeping, and being an example, has offered to answer questions you might have about Amish life.

Here’s Merlyn’s bio again:

buggy-on-dirt-road-indianaMerlyn, his wife, and six children live in northern Indiana. He has a job in the RV industry and his hobbies include woodworking, working on engines, beekeeping, orcharding, and history.

So feel free to ask your questions in the comments below. We’ll pass them all along to Merlyn, and he’ll choose which to respond to.

We’ve done this on more than one occasion in the past. Most recently, John Stoltzfus of Lebanon County, PA answered a number of your questions. Here are the topics John covered previously:

I’m looking forward to seeing your questions, and Merlyn’s responses!

Buggy photo: ShipshewanaIndiana

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    1. Daniel R.

      Amish Wife

      I just went to a farmer’s market and observed three lovely Amish ladies with their parents. It reminded me of my desire to marry an Amish woman. As far as I can see the Amish and similar secs, are the only one’s to still raise Proverbs 31 women. I am not Amish, and don’t really want to become one. I am into computers and technology, and I just want to have a help-mate and partner that can keep a house and raise kids the right way. Is there anyway to court such an Amish young lady or is that dream just impossible?

    2. Richard

      How do the Amish feel about Public display of affection

      How do the Amish feel about PDA? I ask this cause i heard that Public display of affection is not allowed. But one time i went with a friend, to a Amish farm that was selling vegetables. A English pulled up, and the three Amish boys ran up to the truck, and the youngest jump into one the of the English guys arms and he carried the youngest boy a bit, when we where shopping. I think the real question is are the Amish this close to there English friends or is it just this one family.

      1. Generally Amish don’t do a lot of PDA, especially adult married couples, if you’re talking about romantic affection.

        But with young children, it’s a bit more likely you’ll see shows of affection. When I visit my Amish friends with younger children, the little guys often want to be picked up and carried. And Amish will more likely be that way with younger children in particular (toddlers/babies). It’s not so much that PDA is “not allowed”, it’s more about what is common to the culture.

    3. Barb


      A few years ago we traveled to Kentucky to visit friends. When there, we went to a local Amish grocery store, and as I looked around I was rather surprised to come upon a large section of the store that was FILLED with DOZENS of clear bags of colored powder…resembling jello. The entire back of the store had shelves to the ceiling with big bags of every color powder. I never asked anyone what it was, but was always curious. I thought maybe it was just that storekeeper’s choice, but then, last year, we happened upon another store run by Amish in MA and there, again, lining the shelves, were several clear bags of colored powder.
      Might you help me to understand what this is….and If it’s Jello, why?
      Thankyou so much.

    4. Hope


      What do the Amish think about having family pictures, I’m studying the 2nd commandment in the KJB and I am curious of the Amish’s opinion/view.

    5. Joseph King

      I know hymns sang in Acapella are the common form of music among the Amish community, but what should be the range of tolerance towards popular music? And my question is specially about Rock & Roll, and if some of that music is allowed to be played, would their members be also allowed to attend concerts or festivals?
      I know the use of technology is very restricted, so I’d also like to know if Amish people can have sound system devices.
      I’m the father of a 16 years old girl and an 18 years old boy and they can’t understand why I’m not letting them listen this modern music, but I can’t come up with a better response rather than “it’s inappropriate.”

    6. What are some of the problems?

      Hello. What are some of the problems Amish people face in the modern society? I need a quick answer, since I need it for a project. Best regards. 🙂

    7. Ellie


      When an Amish teen turns 16 and is allowed to go to singing, how awkward is it? Don’t they feel overwhelmed by it all. Do they have a sidekick sorted before they go or do they find one there? Just can’t help thinking that it must be awkward after leading a relatively sheltered life.

    8. Mike

      Ask An Amishman

      How do the preachers determine what they will preach on?

    9. Payton

      Halloween Costume?

      My sister really likes the idea and way of life if the Amish. She wants to dress up as an Amish woman for Halloween. We are going to a party at a Christian pastors house. Is this offensive, or wierd, or culturally appropriate? Would you be upset if you saw this? I think that it’s not okay, but she won’t listen to me and we want an oppinion from an Amish person them self. I just don’t want it to be offensive.

    10. Martha


      I was wondering how the Amish people manage to survive with 6 children or more? How would you earn a living if you have 12 children? What kind of jobs do they do to support their families? I’m just curious.

    11. Jen

      I am watching a factual television program about members of the Amish community who have committed crimes, and gone to prison. What strikes me is that in many cases, the person going to prison has a family—parents, children, spouse, etc. These family members have committed no sin or crime, and are sometimes victims of the person going to prison.

      When an Amish person has a family member who is being punished for a wrong, either punishment by the community (excommunication) or by the English community (prison), how is that innocent person treated in the Amish community? In the English community, sometimes family members can face poor treatment because of the sins of their family member. Do the Amish consciously try to prevent that from happening?

    12. Gaming with Kev?


      I was told to ask the amish what a colt 1314 is do you have an answer?

    13. Rodger Wilson

      becoming Amish

      For 20 years I was a baptist believer who wrote software for a living. Now I look at the world around me and am disgusted. I see children addicted to the internet. Their world views even accept Homosexuality without question. I also see how computers could be used to enforce the mark of the beast. I worry about a day when I have to choose between buying food for my son and denouncing Christ.

      I have since removed TVs from our home, and have started gardening. In fact, I think I need to start a small farm. I feel a need to be self-sufficient.

      I am probably considered crazy by most people. I wish I could make friends with the Amish but none live around me. What should I do? Can I attend an Amish church if one was nearby?

    14. Alfred Abbey

      Fast food

      Do the Amish ever go through McDonald’s drive through with a horse and buggy?

    15. Julie

      Spring planting

      Is early March to soon to plant sugar snap peas in central Pennsylvania ?

    16. Nancy Hoffman Epps

      Am I Amish?

      My grandma lived in Illinois and was Amish left to go to pa Lancaster horse show corner or curb. Left to marry my grandmother who was English. She still cooked all the delicious Amish food that I loved as a little girl. She wore a white bonnet and Amish dresses. She had my uncle and mother. My mom use to take me to pa even after grandma left moved to ny. I always loved Lancaster and the Amish lifestyle and still want to be or become Amish. I love God and active in Church and know the bible. My question is since my Grandma was born Amish does this make me Amish? I sure hope so! Thank you for the answer

    17. Prescott Alexander

      Medical Marijuana

      I know the amish are prohibited from smoking anything, so my question is, what is the Churches stance on medical marijuana if consumed as food or used as a balm?

    18. Rumspringa


      I was wondering if, in part, Rumspringa is done, in part, for a religious reason. That is, Chr-st said we must all be born again. As a Jewish man, who found Chr-st in 2020, I most certainly was born again, but was wondering if this is how you address that issue.


    19. Diana

      Central bank digital currencies and the amish?

      hello just wondering how the amish are preparing for the digital future? how will they live once the world is forced into CBDCs and digital ID? how will they provide for themselves, run their businesses or pay taxes? i am curious because this is something even normal people are scared of these days. do the amish have any wisdom on this matter or are they aware of what is coming soon?