There have been quite a few interesting submissions on the question request post.  Today’s topic comes from an old batch but we hope to get to some of your newer questions soon.

A reader asks:

Do they have books or normal furniture?

Given the generality of that question I simply asked John to comment on the types of books and furniture seen in Amish homes.  John’s answer:

This definitely varies from district to district, and also varies among the different settlements. Possibly the hardest to answer.

amish-bookshelves-furnitureBooks: the books listed below don’t include the standard collection of a typical Plain community family, including the Bible in German and English, German Hymnal books, and other Hymnals.

My guess as to the more popular of the typical “English” books: Little House On The Prairie, Black Stallion, Lizzie Books (Written by an Amish lady, the writings have a similar style to Laura Ingalls), Lewis B. Miller Books, Janet Oke and other Christian Romance books. There are also popular weekly or monthly magazines, which vary including Birds & Blooms, Farm & Ranch, Plain Community Business Exchange, Outdoor Life, Hunting Magazines, and others.

As for furniture, in most cases the furniture is pretty much the same in the smaller settlements, however in the larger settlements it may vary more from district to district. Here in our settlement, typical furniture that is found in the local furniture shops can be found in the houses. In the Southern Lancaster County area, they frown upon the overstuffed recliners, couches and other designer décor.

Typical Plain community furniture is actually made in the local furniture shops. Of course you need a table with about 10 table leafs, 6 or 8 Chairs, rockers, plus benches, china cabinets, desks, and cedar chests.


As John observes, answers to these two questions will vary.  What other books or furniture would you add to John’s lists?


John Stoltzfus is a father of five and member of a Pennsylvania Old Order Amish community. John works in product design for a local farm supply company. In his spare time he creates computer-generated art, which you can view at Stoltzfus Digital Abstract Art or on Facebook.


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