Though they’re known to put in long hours, Amish life is not all work.  Today’s question for Pennsylvania Amishman John Stoltzfus:

What kind of things do Amish do for fun? 

John’s answer follows.  Do you enjoy any of these pastimes?

This is a very interesting question, however first I needed to look up the description of “fun” -enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure.

Entertainment or amusements within the Plain Communities are probably pretty much the same, however there may be some districts that would frown on certain board games being played on a Sunday, primarily games using money, such as Monopoly.

Amish CroquetIn the summer, activities include pitch & catch in the backyard, croquet, badminton, shuffle board, flying kites, horse riding, hiking, swimming, etc.

In the winter there are all kinds of board games, with possibly the most popular being: Settlers of Catan, Construction, Monopoly.  Also putting together puzzles, card making and scrap booking, etc.

Of course how could I miss the most important “new fad”, – Can-Jam.  This game is played warm or cold.

There is also the enjoyment of spending time outdoors, hunting, fishing, hiking, going on extended trips.


John Stoltzfus is a father of five and member of a Pennsylvania Old Order Amish community. John works in product design for a local farm supply company. In his spare time he creates computer-generated art, which you can view at Stoltzfus Digital Abstract Art or on Facebook.

Croquet photo: Mark Walley/flickr


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