We’re not told where this singing video takes place, but the dress is Midwestern Amish. We see numerous Amish young people sitting around the table at what looks to be a youth gathering. This is a relatively new video, posted this past November.

You can see a wringer washer – are we in a basement, or some kind of utility room? I see some board games on the tables but I can’t make out which. Whoever’s doing the filming (I assume it’s Martin Yoder, who posted it) pans around the room, and you can spot some other interesting items – including a box from outdoor recreation company Cabela’s.

The video is titled “Amish gathering singing theres a love beyond the great divide” – but I can’t seem to find an official song title, though I did find some lyrics at this Facebook post. If anyone has more info I’ll update the post with it.

Nevertheless, the voices singing this uplifting hymn fill the space beautifully. It picks me up when I listen to singing like this.

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