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Amish-made Wagons PAFrom East to West, the Keystone State is home to numerous Amish businesses manufacturing a wide range of traditional products. Amish-made products are typically locally produced in family business settings.  Wagons are a niche product popular among Amish.

Stores selling Amish-made wagons are mainly located around the bigger Amish communities including that of Lancaster County. Wagon shoppers from Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Harrisburg and other areas in Pennsylvania can find an Amish wagon dealer within an easy drive.

Pennsylvania Amish Wagon Shops

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Lancaster County Area

Little Red Wagons
1090 Mondale Road
Bird-In-Hand, PA 17505,
Amish made wagons for riding and gardening available.

Lapp’s Coach Shop
3572 West Newport Road
Intercourse, PA 17534
Amish-run Lapp’s Coach Shop is a Lancaster County supplier for Amish-made items including scooters and wagons. Their wagons selection covers different styles such as speedway wagon, speedway trike with mini cart, Conestoga cover wagon with cooler rack, and the pony shaft with optional seats wagon.  Available in different colors, sizes of tires, and wagon sizes.

Hoffman House
3460 Old Philadelphia Pike
Intercourse, PA 17534
(717) 768-3954
Hoffman House specializes in Pennsylvania Amish crafted baskets, scooters and wagons made from the finest plastic, wood and steel materials by local Amish craftsmen. 

Shady Lane Wagons
192 Amishtown Road
New Holland, PA 17557
(717) 354 – 8970
Shady Lane Wagons is a Mennonite owned business established in 1991. This store specializes in carriages, sleighs, carts, and wagons for every size horse. Each  is crafted or restored using quality craftsmanship. Various types of wood wagons available such as the wagonette for four passengers, red spring wagon, mini deere wagon or marathon wagon.

ABC Woodcraft
1698 Georgetown Road
Christiana, PA 17509
ABC Woodcraft carries a variety of handmade Amish products including Amish-made red wagons.

Hillside Carriage Shop
Jonas Stoltzfus
188 Blank Road
Navron, PA 17555
Custom-built wagonettes and carriage repair.

Gap Hill Farm Wagons & Gates
Mervin R. Zook
5549 Lincoln Hwy.
Gap, PA 17527
This business provides hay wagons and heavy boxstall gates.

Lapp Welding Shop
182 Cider Mill Road
Ephrata, PA 17522
A broad selection of wagons available with different options including hand brakes, extra high racks, wagons with strong plastic poly beds, miniature pony wagons with removable seats, sun top cooler carriers, wagons with expanded metal beds in 3 sizes and more.

Lapp’s Equipment Sales
98 Old Leacock Road
Ronks, PA 17572
Custom made wagons and carts, uncovered and covered wagons, wagons with wheels and interchangeable sled runners, pony wagons, industrial or nursery wagons and more.

Rolling Delight Wagons
2703 Stumptown Road
Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505
Offers a range of quality made wagons such as miniature horse and pony wagons available in 2 sizes, farm bale wagons, nursery wagons and more.

Valley Road Woodworks
1278 Georgetown Road
Quarryville, PA 17566
Provides miniature small pony or horse wagons available in red, green or varnish finish.  Double team pole and flat free wheels available as well.

Nolt Wagon Works
972 Newswanger Road
Ephrata, PA 17522
Features complete spring wagons.

Amish Wagons Direct
Ishler’s Truck Caps
1375 East Main Street
Mount Joy, PA 17552
Amish Wagons Direct carries Amish-made wagons for different uses such as beach use, everyday use, gardening, contractor use, or for kids. Amish-crafted wagons are available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors with a range of options including real rubber tires, steel frames, tip-resistant design, wood slatted sides and more.

Sunrise Pony Farm
2204 Old Philadelphia Pike
Lancaster, PA 17602
(717) 826-7669
Sunrise Pony Farm carries a wide array of Amish-made products such as carts, wooden wheels,  horse size carts, horse training carts, kid’s pedal sulky carts and more. Their wagon selection features numerous styles including mini wagons, wagonettes with lights, and mini spring wagons. 

Almost Amish
Lampeter, PA
Almost Amish provides on-line selling where they feature a range of Amish hand-crafted products from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. A variety of items from furniture to toys and wagons, available in different styles such as beach, speeder, heavy duty wagons, children’s tricycle with wagon trailers and many wagon accessories including wagon canopies, goat or dog shaft attachments, miniature horse shaft attachments, additional sets of high racks and many more. Wagons available in different colors.

PA Dutch Builders
Denver, PA
(717) 488-8005
PA Dutch Builders offers online sales of Amish-made products. They feature some Amish-crafted wagons, buggies and industrial equipment.

Amish Pleasures
P.O Box 115
Lyndell, PA 19354
Amish Pleasures carries a vast array of Amish-crafted products such as baskets, bird feeders, candles, books, painted boxes, pet furniture, quilts, wooden toys, windmills, lamps or mail boxes. Their selection of Amish-made wagons includes a broad choice of sizes and options (color options, sizes options, and wheels options available).

New Wilmington area

Amish Peddler
405 East Neshannock Avenue
New Wilmington, PA 16142, United States
(724) 946-8034
Amish Peddler specializes in a full line of hand-crafted Amish furniture among other products including Amish wagons for adults and children, available in a variety of styles, colors and with different options.

Pittsburgh area

Longbridge Station
2799 U.S. 30
Ligonier, PA 15658
(724) 995-8325
Amish sheds, furniture, chests, crates and Berlin Amish wagons available in a broad choice of sizes and colors with solid tires, steel frames.  Suitable for outdoor jobs and gardening.

Whispering Pines Furniture
622 Springs Road
Springs, PA 15562
(814) 662-4100
Whispering Pines Furniture carries a full line of Amish hand-made furniture and other products such as Amish-made wagons including red or green heavy duty wagons with ball bearing wheels and grease fittings, perfect for large loads.

Note to PA residents: Please double-check business hours of Amish wagon dealers listed here. Business locations and availability can change. Amish-owned businesses will always be closed on Sundays; non-Amish wagon dealers may be open. Not responsible for changes to the above information.

wagon photo:bskolb/flickr

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    1. Denise Joy

      wagons wheels

      I am looking for a craftsmen/wagon shop that is able to make horse carriage wheels from my own wood in PA (I am from Maine). These would be for my own personal use carriages.



      I am interested in a wagon wheel 30 inches in diameter,and only made by the amish wood maker. could you give me a price?

      Thank you John

    3. Mike Calhoun

      Steel wagon wheels

      Looking for 14″-16″ all steel wagon wheels able to handle 200 pounds each

    4. Gayla Wheeler

      Speedway miniature horse wagon

      I need a team pole for my speedway wagon, do you have those?

    5. Cynthia Blow

      Sleigh runners

      Looking for someone that can make sleigh runners for a large sleigh

    6. Cynthia Blow

      I’m looking for someone to make wooden runners for my sleigh.looking for price

    7. Robert R Harwell

      Wood working

      I have a 1910 banner buggy I would like to get redone needs alot of work and I would like it done by the amish community

    8. Update listing

      Could you update the info for the listing below:

      Lapp Welding Shop
      182 Cider Mill Road
      Ephrata, PA 17522

      This is the new information:

      Lapp Wagons
      204 Conestoga Creek Rd
      Ephrata, PA 17522

    9. Ron Cook

      Historic wagon-Help

      I bought this B&M wagon in 1991 at a below zero windy day auction with good intentions, but since then I’ve only stored & moved it from IL to TN!  Now I’d like to find more info on it.  Barry K Vincent, known as “the wagon man” says it is a “Brown & Mall” and a 3 ¼ ton unit, they were a Pennsylvania wagon maker.  Obviously, it made the trip from PA to east central IL sometime in history.

      You folks may know of someone who can shed some light on the subject!!