Raber’s Stamp Shop
2467 County Road 600
Baltic, OH 43804

If you walk to the back of Raber’s Bookstore and hang a right, this is where you end up.

amish stamping shop

The sister stamp shop to Raber’s is full of everything you need for some serious stamping.

amish stamps

An entire wall of stamps.


And some more.  Stamping is popular among Amish women in particular.   It’s not uncommon to find stamping supply stores like this one in Amish communities.

amish stamp shop paper

If you want to stamp, it helps to have paper.  This little shop is well-equipped.

colorful paper stamping

How about some more.

stamp shop light

The shop is lit by just one light so it’s a little dark in spots, but once your eyes adjust you are set.  There was also a lantern hanging from the ceiling (you can see it in the top photo) but it wasn’t lit when I visited.

amish stamping store ohio

Windows on either end add some light too.

I am not a stamper but if I were, this is the place I’d want to be.  Stampers out there are welcome to visit.  This shop is at the same location as Raber’s Bookstore. Here’s the address again:

Raber’s Stamp Shop
2467 County Road 600
Baltic, OH 43804


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