Attention green-thumbers–here are some photos from an Amish greenhouse near Summerhill, New York (Cayuga County):

Amish Greenhouse Sign

“It is getting so the Amish are all over the place,”  observes Tom.  On this trip he traveled through Amish communities including “Romulus, Marathon, Summerhill, the Swiss in Clyde and finally North Rose”–just a few of the 40+ Amish settlements in New York.

Amish Greenhouse

About these photos: “The folks that run Summerhill Greenhouse are in South Cayuga County, NY in the town of Summerhil between Locke and Homer…Both the settlement in Marathon (folks are from Punxsutawney, PA) and Summerhill are conservative, rough around the edges kind of places.”

Amish Hanging Baskets

Some Amish homes have impeccably-maintained appearances, with manicured lawns and tidy gardens.  But not all Amish put such emphasis on an upkept look: “In Marathon few houses get sided when they are first built and will be like that for many years…I guess siding and paint and things like that are not important.”

Amish Greenhouse Flowers

The settlement may be rough around the edges, but the flowers sure look well-tended.

Amish Oil Drum Stove

Looks like a couple of metal drums have been converted into a stove. You have to warm greenhouses sometimes and I would think especially in upstate New York.

In the late Pennsylvania winter when my produce farmer friend Abe is starting his seedlings, he’ll have a fire going round the clock. You have to babysit it, which has him getting up in the middle of the night to add fuel. It gets pretty toasty in there. He even has fig trees growing year-round.

Amish Greenhouse Produce Plants

Hope you enjoyed this look inside an Amish greenhouse in New York state (thank-you to Tom).

Have you ever purchased flowers or plants from an Amish greenhouse? Would be neat to hear where, and/or what you got.


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