Amish Rescue Car From Ditch In Snowy Weather

Tennessee has been seeing some snowy and icy weather recently, and this weekend one driver found herself in a ditch in Lawrence County. News station WSMV reports in a snippet on how local Amish helped this lady out:

On Sunday morning, a little snowfall caused some problems for motorists in Lawrence County, including a woman who lost control of her car and slid off the road.

Well, a group of Amish used their vehicle, two black horses, to get the lady’s car back on the road.

There’s not much more to it than that, though there are a couple of photos:

Amish men help a driver out of a ditch
Image: THP Lawrenceburg/Twitter

This is the Ethridge community. Looks like this photo was taken just after getting the job done.

My memory is a bit fuzzy but I have one thing to add on this topic. I once had an Amishman help me out when I had car trouble. I can’t even remember which state it was in, but I’m pretty sure it was somewhere in the Midwest, and it was an Amishman with a tractor who pulled me out of a ditch. I remember riding on the back of the tractor with him to my car after seeking help. This was while selling books, and I think I just went back to the last home I’d just been at to ask the people there for help.

It wasn’t snow that got me off the road, more like a muddy road in wet conditions. It’s possible this was Daviess County, Indiana, now that I think of it. That would make it 17+ years ago so no wonder my memory is a bit fuzzy 🙂 Anyway, these sorts of Good Samaritan cases are not all getting news stories. So I wonder how many times a year Amish are actually pulling English drivers out of ditches around the country…And on the other hand, sometimes Amish buggies are getting pulled out of jams with the assistance of English.

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    1. Roadside Assistance

      Several years ago my son in law was driving through Southwest Missouri. Suddenly he had a tire blow out on his car. It happened in front of an Amish farm. Son in law said he had barely opened the trunk of his car, when several of the Amish men approached,saying they heard the tire blow out. They offered to help change the tire. They were as efficient as a “pit crew”, said my son in law. One of these men said, “all the years that he has been driving horses, he has never had a flat tire”.

      1. Ha great service and some nice Amish humor to boot 🙂 This reminded me that there are some funny areas where the Amish interact with cars. In Lancaster County there is an Amish car alternator and starter shop. And one of my friends who lives in a nearby community ended up buying a property which included a giant garage type building and probably 30-40 classic cars in various states of disrepair. He ended up auctioning them all off but for awhile was probably the biggest Amish “car owner” in the country!

    2. Rita

      Amish to the rescue

      Several years ago, our daughter slid off the road going around a curve in front of an Amish family’s house. They came out to check on her as she called us on her phone. She was rather disappointed that her dad was able to come get her – she was hoping for a buggy ride to our house!

      1. And she might’ve gotten one depending how far away you lived 🙂