Amish News: Six Eye-Catching Stories (Video)

I made a return to YouTube videos this past week with a look at six Amish stories in the news recently.

This is a newish format for me as far as videos go. In the video, I run through the stories and give you my take on each. You’ll see it’s a bit more conversational and casual. There’s a reason for that, which I explain.

If you’ve been keeping up with the site recently, you’ll recognize many of the stories covered, though there is one new one.

At over 30 minutes, this is the longest video I’ve done so far. There are jump links in the video description to easily navigate to a particular story. One of them is not technically a “news” story (on the JPAC Michigan Circle Amish article).

In the video I take a look at a special bank with “Amish appeal” in Lancaster County. Screenshot: Lancaster Online

I also explain my absence from YouTube over the past half-year, and plans for the channel.

Here is what I cover in the vid:

0:55 Amish Population 2023
7:17 Twin Driver Mystery in Tragic Amish Accident
13:24 Amish Love the $1.2 Billion Bank of Bird-in-Hand
17:01 “Amish Farm Chicken” In Trouble With Authorities
21:54 Bizarre: Amish-Looking Man Tried To Kill 11 Amish Children
24:34 What makes the “Michigan Circle” Amish unusual?
30:23 Where I’ve been

Image: Don Burke

Check it out below, I hope you enjoy (Runtime: 34:01).

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    1. Lary Fink from Israel

      Thanks Erik!

      Nice job. Maybe cut the video in two and increase the periodicity. 15 minutes are good for relaxing. You and your background are ample – no need for more extensive entertainment. Best on youtube; people don’t understand background. Best to you.

      1. Erik Wesner

        Thank you Lary and glad you liked it, yes next videos will be shorter than this one. I appreciate this feedback.

    2. Lorraine Smith

      Nov 14,2023

      I listen in and enjoy hearing the topics you hit on. I appreciate you time and effort you put into getting news on amish. I at one time lived in Lancaster county,pa.
      It always good to hear about the Amish.

      1. Erik Wesner
    3. Great!

      Erik, great to see you again and review recent new stories about the Amish. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!
      Your friend, Jim

      1. Erik Wesner

        My pleasure Jim, happy you thought so. I enjoyed doing this one.

    4. Jerry

      Bank Mobile

      I see the “bank mobile” every Tuesday at Roots Country Market in Manheim. They park across the street at the Hess Auction house.

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