Amish mule team

Amish mule team

Courtesy of Faux Farm Girl blog.

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    1. Neat picture. Wish I had a culti-packer like that for my gang to pull.

    2. Bill

      Hey Erik,
      You haven’t posted anything for a while now.
      What’s up? Busy? How’re things? Hope all is okay.

    3. Hi Bill, I have been missing in action here I know–it’s all because of work on the book and the upcoming deadline. But will be back v. soon, thanks for asking by the way!

    4. Bill

      Erik, Glad to know all is well and good luck with the book.

    5. I’m glad somebody else asked because if they didn’t, I would have. I know you’re swamped but how dare you think of YOU before US???!! HA HA Totally joking, you know we’ll be here when you get a breather. That’s all you need…more pressure! Have a great rest of the weekend ~