This was taken at the 2012 Clinic for Special Children auction in Leola, Pennsylvania.  The photographer recalls his first car, purchased for $2000 in the 1970s: “Even allowing for inflation, I got sticker shock from the sign on the buggy window!”

I don’t monitor buggy prices, but my impression has been that the buggies in Lancaster are among the more expensive, or at least can be.  Stephen Scott had a chart in his book Plain Buggies detailing buggy prices in various communities.  Though those numbers are now a little out of date, they give a sense of relative prices.

Here are some more photos from the auction.  Notice anything interesting?





2013 Clinic for Special Children Auctions

Here is the 2013 Clinic for Special Children Auction schedule, a little late as two have already been held.  The next event will be in Shiloh, Ohio, an area with an Old Order Mennonite population.  The Lancaster County event, which I know a number of readers have attended, comes later in the summer.

Union County, PA
Saturday, June 1st

Shippensburg, PA
Saturday, June 22nd

Shiloh, OH
Saturday, July 13th

Blair County, PA
Saturday, September 14th

Lancaster County, PA
Saturday, September 21st

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